What towns do you travel to?

I will happily travel to the following towns:

Andover, Bolton, Columbia, Coventry, East Hartford, Ellington, Hebron, Glastonbury, South Windsor, Tolland, Manchester, Vernon, Willington, Willimantic​

If your town is not on this list, but you are still interested, please feel free to contact me. I may travel further out for a small travel fee.

Do you accept insurance?

The only insurance I accept is Husky.

I believe that the primary relationship should be between me and the children & families I work with; not between myself and an insurance company.

I believe that the length of our sessions should be determined by what you & your family needs; not judged by someone who has never met you.

I believe that children need help - not diagnosis. Insurance companies require that I diagnose every client I work with.

However, I also believe you should be able to access your insurance benefits if you choose to. Therefore I will prepare a monthly bill, which you can then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. I will help in any way that is needed, but I can not be conversant on the many policies and plans today, therefore you need to contact your insurance company and find out their policies & procedures in regards to out of network clinicians.

Do you offer counseling via the internet?

Sure do! I am a Board Certified Telemental Health Provider and use the platform Doxy.me. Please be aware that you must be located within the state of Connecticut for me to be able to be your tele-counselor. A first, in person, intake appointment is necessary as is a "test session" to make sure your technology is working properly with the system.

Why house calls? Why not keep an office?

  1. It’s convenient for parents. It's hard to make it to an office (and then wait for the length of a session!) when you have several children.
  2. It’s a more natural environment, where I can get a holistic view of the family dynamics and help parents figure out how to handle things in the best possible way.
  3. More privacy! You’re never in a waiting room with strangers.
  4. Awesome for those with limited mobility – or who are caring for someone with limited mobility.
  5. Counseling is super-personalized. I get to know the real child, in his/her home space.
  6. We’re not sitting in an office! We can go outside, sit under a tree or go for a walk. It’s real counseling in the real world.
  7. If your child is defensive, it helps to break down walls. We’re in her/his space, where they are most comfortable.

Call me or send me an email to find out more about home-based counseling and how it can help you and your children!

How soon can I get an appointment with you?

If I have openings I can usually fit you in right away - within a week of our first conversation. I offer convenient night & weekend appointments.