Competitive Teams

Competitive teams provide JROTC Cadets additional opportunities to lead. Cadet leaders plan and conduct team training, then take charge and lead their team to victory. Caver JROTC Cadets can choose to join athletic, academic, leadership, computer, and drill teams. Teams usually practice after school, but it is up to the team Captain.

Regulation Drill

SDHS competes against 12 schools in December. Platoon, Squad and Individual drill is under arms and executed in accordance with the drill manual. Cadets are inspected by Army, Marine Corps and Air Force NCOs prior to competition.

  • Platoon
  • Squad
  • Varsity Color Guard
  • First Year Color Guard
  • Best Drilled Individual (BDI)

Academic League

SDHS competes against 12 high schools once a month until the culminating competition in December. The team must be represented by each grade. Questions range from math and science, to popular culture. Competitors must be quick to "buzz-in" with the correct answer.

Cyber Patriot

America needs cyber warriors to defend it's computer networks from attack. SDHS competes online at the state and national level to safeguard Windows 7, 8, Ubuntu, and Linux operating systems.


San Diego High School JROTC competes against 8 other JROTC units in February to determine which battalion is the best shot. Archers are trained by an instructor certified by the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). Like drill, archery requires intensive practice and coordination.

Cadet Challenge

Cadets compete against the Brigade in two teams to determine who is in the best shape. Events include pushup, situp, basketball throw, and relay race.

  • Male Team
  • Female Team

Unarmed Drill Team

  • 10-Person
  • 4-Person

Armed Drill Team

  • 10-Person
  • 4-Person