JROTC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What does JROTC do?

A: Caver JROTC develops productive and successful graduates of sound character and moral judgment through professional studies, leadership theory and application, disciplined training, community service, citizenship, and teamwork. JROTC provides physical education two days a week. One day a week is devoted to improving attention to detail and teamwork through drill. The other two days are spent in class learning to become better citizens

Q: Do I get high school credit?

A: Yes. Caver JROTC provides two years PE credit with a one year enrollment. JROTC provides elective credit otherwise.

Q: Does JROTC recruit for the military?

A: No! The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to be better citizens. Caver JROTC instructors do not promote the military as part of instruction, nor do they receive incentives to do so.

Q: Do I have to shave my head?

A: No. However, a neat hair cut is required.

Q: Do I have to wear a uniform?

A: Cadets wear uniforms once a week and when participating in some JROTC events or representing JROTC. Cadets do not wear their uniform to school immediately before or after events requiring uniform wear. Cadets wear PE clothes twice a week and regular school clothes the other two days.

Q: Can I still participate in activities outside of JROTC?

A: Yes! JROTC encourages students to get involved in other school activities. Cadets are involved in sports, ASB, Cheer, tutoring, and clubs.

Q: Why should I join JROTC?

A: It will help you 1) set yourself apart from other students and make you more competitive for college, 2) be a better student, 3) set goals for the future, 4) work better with others, 5) get leadership experience for life after high school, and 6) receive a better understanding why it is important to be a good citizen.

Q: Can JROTC really help me get into college?

A: Yes! College administrators look for applicants who have the following qualities: 1) good grades, 2) good SAT/ACT scores, 3) demonstrated ability to overcome hardship and work out problems without assistance, 4) leadership experience, 5) ability to work effectively as part of a team/group, 6) experience helping the community, and 7) demonstrated ability to perform as a good citizen. JROTC helps in all of these areas.

Q: Can JROTC help me pay for college?

A: Maybe. JROTC supplements the scholarship education efforts of other organizations within the San Diego Unified School District. However, those interested in receiving full ROTC Scholarships within any of the service branches, or military academies have an advantage if they become senior leaders within JROTC. We have had former Cadets receive their four-year degree without cost for college tuition.

Q: What types of classes are taught in JROTC?

A: The JROTC curriculum consists of Citizenship civic, economics, geography, health, language arts, life skills, life work, self-regulation, thinking and reasoning, U.S. history, and working with others. The six units of instruction are 1) Citizenship in Action, 2) Leadership Theory, 3) Foundations for Success, 4) Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid, 5) Geography, Map Skills, and Environmental Awareness, and 6) Citizenship in American History and Government.