2023-24 PrimeTime Program

San Diego Unified School District’s (SDUSD) Extended Learning Opportunities Department administers the PrimeTime Extended Day Program offered at elementary, and middle school sites serving student in Universal Transitional Kindergarten (UTK) through eighth. PrimeTime is free to all participating families and operates before and/or after school programs every regular school day. For a current list of schools offering the before and after school PrimeTime programs please click here.  For a map of school offering the program, please click here.

Parents/guardians can feel comfortable knowing their child(ren) is receiving academic support, fun enrichment activities and interacting with peers in a physically and emotionally safe environment. 

The PrimeTime team is a collaboration among San Diego Unified School District Extended Learning Opportunities staff, PrimeTime Partner organizations, and other SDUSD departments, programs, and individuals.

Your child(ren) must be enrolled during the regular school day at the school to which you are applying for PrimeTime, this also applies to families with UTK students age four (4) by September 1, 2023; and Kindergarten (K).  All families with children in elementary and middle schools interested in participating in PrimeTime during the 2023-24 school year are required to submit an online application. This includes children currently participating in PrimeTime and children on the wait list.

An application must be completed for each child applying for PrimeTime. This year's application will be available online beginning Monday, March 6, 2023, at 8:00 am PST (Pacific Standard Time). An email address and internet access will be required to create an account to complete an application. The application must be completed and submitted online. Click to view a sample application.  You may access the application through a mobile devise such as a cell phone or tablet with internet connection.

To prepare in advance, you will need your child’s legal first name, legal last name, date of birth, and SDUSD Student ID# (available on child’s progress report and report card).  Please visit sandiegounified.org/primetime to access the 2023-24 PrimeTime Program Online Application. If you need assistance completing the application, click HERE for help.

All information provided on the application is subject to verification. Falsifying any of the information may disqualify the applicant from receiving PrimeTime services.

It is anticipated that the demand for PrimeTime services may exceed the program capacity at most schools; therefore, it is extremely important that the application be completed and submitted within the initial application timeline. Applicants are accepted into the program based on the rating system indicated below, up to the capacity for each school's program.

INITIAL APPLICATION TIMELINE (March 6, 2023 - April 14, 2023)
Applications will be available online beginning Monday, March 6, at 8:00 am PST and must be completed and submitted online by Friday, April 14, at 9:59 pm PST to be included in the initial review and enrollment process.

Parents/guardians who complete and submit the application within the initial application timeline will be notified via email of the status of their application on Friday, June 16. The email will notify families of whether their child(ren) has been accepted to participate, placed on a wait list, or is not eligible for the before and/or after school PrimeTime Program.

Completed applications that are submitted by the deadline during the initial application timeline will be reviewed for the initial enrollment period. Children will be accepted for participation based on the application rating system detailed below, up to the capacity for each school's program. Once PrimeTime has reached its capacity, children not accepted for participation will be placed on a wait list, in the same order of priority, and will be accepted as space becomes available.

Parents/guardians may choose to have their child(ren) attend either the before school and/or after school programs, if applicable. Choosing only the before school or after school program will not affect the rating of the application.

Each application will be prioritized using the following rating system:

Child participating in PrimeTime during the 2022-23 school year
OR child on the PrimeTime waitlist as of March 3, 2023. 1 Point

Single parent household OR families with one parent/guardian currently
on military deployment (a copy of orders may be required upon request). 1 Point

All parents/guardians living with the child are employed full time
(40 hours per week) and/or are full time students (enrolled with at least
12 units). 1 Point

Children participating in the SDUSD Free/Reduced Price Meal Program,
based on SDUSD data. 1 Point

Child recommended for academic assistance by the District, based on
the SDUSD Standards Based Report Card and/or English Language Learner for
elementary level and course grades for the middle level. 1 Point

Total Points Possible 5 Points

All homeless and foster care students will receive highest priority for enrollment.

First priority for participation will be given to applications rated with five (5) points and last priority will be given to applications rated with zero (0) points. In cases where a determination must be made between two or more applications with the same points, selection for acceptance will be based on date and time of online submission of the completed applications.

Applications are accepted throughout the school year. Applications submitted after April 14, will be considered in priority order, as space becomes available, according to the rating system listed above.

ACCEPTED STUDENTS (June 16 through July 28, 2023)
Once notified of acceptance, the 2023-24 PrimeTime Student Participation Forms are required to be completed before your child can begin participating in the program. The 2023-24 Student Participation Forms will be available on the PrimeTime website and through the organization providing services at your child's school. Forms must be submitted between Friday, June 16, through Friday, July 28.  Students with incomplete 2023-24 Student Participation Forms may be disenrolled from PrimeTime. 

Students accepted after the initial application period, will need to submit their student 2023-24 Student Participation Form as soon as acceptance notification is received to be able to participate in the program.

For additional information regarding PrimeTime at your child's school, contact the PrimeTime Partner providing services. Click here for PrimeTime Partner Contact- Information. For questions regarding program administration, please contact one of our Support Staff.  To review the Extended Learning Opportunities Program Plan, please click here.