School Safety

Sacred Heart School is committed to providing a safe environment for students, parents, and teachers. We believe school safety is an essential part of our mission to provide students with an education for life. We take a threefold approach to providing our students with a Catholic education in a safe environment by:

  • monitoring and addressing situations of bullying and aggression by communicating openly and honestly with students, parents, and teachers with the goal of preventing more serious school safety incidents.
  • planning and practicing emergency responses to a variety of school safety incidents in consultation with school safety experts, our security system providers, the NaviGate Prepared System, and our school safety committee.
  • requiring extensive background checks and education for all school employees and volunteers according to the directives set forth by the Diocese of Harrisburg.

To learn more about our school safety priorities, please read below about the programs currently in place at Sacred Heart.

STOPit! Solutions

Sacred Heart School participates in the STOPit! Program. STOPit! gives parents, students, and teachers the ability to anonymously report incidents of bullying, school safety concerns, and any issues that make the learning environment uncomfortable. This program provides the school community with a way to honestly and openly communicate about safety concerns.

Administrators are able to respond immediately to safety or bullying concerns while documenting these issues and school responses to effectively prevent more serious school safety incidents.

If you wish to make a report, go to and enter the school access code.

To learn more about STOPit! Solutions, go to

NaviGate Prepared

NaviGate is a school safety program that stores emergency plans, drill logs, building information, and student information for use in an emergency. It enables teachers and administrators to communicate during emergencies about student safety and gives first responders the important information they need to respond in a crisis. Watch the video for a more detailed explanation of how NaviGate helps schools manage safety procedures and plans.

Youth Protection

All adults who have contact with students at Sacred Heart School are required to complete a series of background checks and training to ensure our students are safe from any type of abuse. For a full explanation of the background checks and requirements for clergy, employees, and volunteers, please go to