Our Faculty

Our teachers make our school a special place!

All our teachers are certified in the state of Pennsylvania, current in the requirements for professional development as set forth by the department of education, and excited about teaching!

Read what our parents and friends say about our teachers!

"My son receives personalized attention and is always excited about what he learned in school each day,"

"Mrs. Lobeck understands boys and their need to play and move!"

“She is the kindest, sweetest teacher in the world.”

Jane Lobeck - Kindergarten

"She has high expectations for her students."

"I love Mrs. Lobeck because she reassures the parents that their kids are doing just fine in school. Not only is she a teacher, she is a parent too and she shows it greatly when preparing our children to move on in the upper grades."

"I appreciate Mrs. Lobeck because she is a compassionate and caring teacher to our son."

"Mrs. Lobeck helps prepare our youngest students for First Grade. She is dedicated in ensuring our young children are ready and prepared for elementary school by starting to sound out letters, reading, writing, basic math skills, following directions, being kind to others, raising our hands, learning our prayers and so many other things. We are grateful to have such a wonderful Kindergarten teacher. "

Julie Hartman - First Grade

"She is patient and understanding!"

"She communicates well with parents. I know the areas my child is successful in and the areas that need strengthening."

"I feel she has an honest concern and care for each of her kids and for the whole school."

"Mrs. Hartman really connects with the kids, they love her! She loves the children and they feel that."

"She believed in my son and he flourished when she was his teacher."

"Her gentle but firm way with kids. She pulls out the best in them!"

"We love that Sister Anne seemed to really understand our child and saw his true potential. She encouraged him to chase his dreams and to continue developing his talents."

"I appreciate Sister Anne because my son loves her. I have never talked with Sister Anne and not felt her unmatched positive vibe. She treats all of the students like they are her own children and I feel truly blessed that she is a part of my sons life. Thank you, Sister Anne for all that you do. "

Sister Anne Francine - Second Grade

"Sister Anne is a true inspiration and we are so fortunate to have her work with our children. She truly enjoys her life's work in teaching. She is so dedicated and treats each child with the love and respect they need to thrive and grow and learn. I am so thankful everyday knowing that my son is being taught by her. She is a blessing to us all. I pray that she knows just how appreciated she is."

"She is teaching my child new things and is doing an amazing job!"

"She makes class fun for the children and gets them interested in learning! She is so patient with the children and truly loves all of them."

"She makes learning in the classroom fun. My daughter likes going to school!"

"She is so very passionate about what she teaches and how it is taught. She interacts with her students in a 'childish' way to make it more interesting for them. You can tell that she loves her students, loves the school and loves her faith."

"Sister Anne has a true passion and love for her 2nd graders. She is dedicated to teaching. She provides her students with support, guidance and precious life lessons. I feel so blessed to have a teacher like her nurturing my child through education, religion and life. Many thanks, Sister Anne!"

"Mrs. Bomberger always has something kind and encouraging to tell every child."

Cindy Bomberger - Third Grade

"I appreciate Mrs. Bomberger because of her compassion and patience with her students."

"She is patient. I love her enthusiasm about education and most of all her patience with the children."

"My child loves learning from Mrs. Bomberger, especially in English class."

Jackie Muehleisen - Fourth Grade

"She is super nice."

"When my son was in 4th grade he always talked fondly of Miss Jackie. Her sense of humor was appreciated by him. He had her last year and always came home talking about school! She had a way to reach him that made him want to be more active in school and do his homework. There are just some teachers that are special to a certain child. Miss Jackie was special to mine."

"She makes learning fun! She is the favorite of my 2 older kids!"

"Miss Jackie is the perfect teacher to help bridge the kids from being 'little kids' to becoming 'big kids!'"

"She has tapped into something that truly interested my child, and used that to engage him and further his education. His love for science and literature has grown so much in the two years he has been a part of the Sacred Heart family."

Deb Edmiston - Fifth Grade

"I appreciate my child's teacher because she went out of her way to help my son and others finish their homework during the after school program. She is not on after school staff and still she spent her time with the kids that needed it."

"She encourages my daughter and believes in her. She helps her many times during teacher free time like lunch or after school. Mrs. Edmiston is a passionate teacher!"

"Mrs. Edmiston cares for the students and welfare. She provides feedback when asked regarding how your child is doing throughout the semester."

"She taught my son organization and time management. I love how she cares for each child!"

"Thank you, Mrs. Edmiston, for preparing our 5th graders for middle school by ensuring that they are ready emotionally and mentally. Thank you for your patience and understanding for your students and helping guide them to do well in school!"

Alexandra Kusznir - Sixth Grade

Ms. Kusznir is new to Sacred Heart in 2019. A graduate of Mount Saint Mary's University, Ms. Kusznir hold degrees in education and mathematics. She is eager to work with our middle school students in mathematics and social studies. Welcome, Ms. Kusznir, to Sacred Heart School.

Bethany Fountain - Seventh Grade

Ms. Fountain is new to Sacred Heart School for the 2018-2019 school year. She holds a Bachelor's degree in English in Secondary Education from the University of Dubuque. She also holds a Master's degree in Literacy Education from Penn State. Ms. Fountain has experience teaching in both public and Catholic schools and is excited to start working with the 6-8 grade students this year!

Lisa Minney - Eighth Grade

"She is an incredible middle school teacher. She prepares the kids for high school extremely well. She holds the kids accountable for their actions. She keeps the classroom interesting, which is a difficult task that eighth grade year. When my middle son was very ill and missed almost a month of school, she was amazing. She emailed regularly to check on him and sent home assignments for him to work on. Once my son was diagnosed, Mrs. Minney made sure she knew how to help with his illness. I could not ask for a better teacher for the last year of grade school."

"She is a good teacher and my son likes her sense of humor."