Prairie Waters Elementary Grade 4

Art Exhibition

An Exploration of How We Express Ourselves

Welcome to our show! Throughout the year, we inquired about How We Express Ourselves through art. Students explored different art forms, mediums, and techniques such as: photography, photoshopping, watercolour and acrylic painting, drawing, using light, sculpting, hoop dancing, advertisements, abstract drawings and paintings, pop-art, videography, sewing/fabric art, pastels, pencil sketches, 3D shape art, theatre, found object art, printmaking, and mixed media.

As students explored each type of art, they studied various mentor artists. Some of our mentors include Alex Janvier, Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh, Dallas Arcand, Pablo Picasso, Robert Indiana, Edward Weston, Barry Lorne, Edgar Degas, Julie Pudlowski, Richard Phillips, Romero Britto, Peter Tunney, Jackson Pollock, Gary Hume, James Rosenquist, Chuck Close, Roy Lichtenstein, and Henri Matisse. Students learned how to describe, judge, analyze and interpret different types of artwork. From these experiences, we constructed an understanding of how to convey a strong message using colour, line, shape, form, space, texture and value.

This collection of art is a summary of the hard work that students put in throughout the year. Students chose their favourite art techniques and a message that they are passionate about. We are excited to show you the culmination of our inquiry!

"Art can change the world by bringing joy to people." - Sawyer 4W

"What art means to me is a chance to do something different and creative, it’s like something you can do freely. I think art can change the world by sending a message in a different and positive way." - Safira 4W

"Art can change the world by sending messages; hopes for a better world; bright feelings; more encouragement; passion ect." - Sabryna 4W

"Art is a good way to show emotions and you." - Monet 4W

"Art is important because it makes you think about possibilities, it gives you ideas, and it opens your mind. Art can change the world by its colours and its creativity. You can send a message through art in a peaceful way rather than fight." - Zayan 4M

"I think art is important because it allows people who may not have the best social skills express themselves anyway they want to, and it is personal to each artist." - Brody 4M

"There are many different types of art. For example, nature, language, clothing and a person's inner beauty." -Gurveen 4M

"Art means pictures to me and different spots of the world" -Hamza 4M

"You can express emotions like curiosity or wonder because every art is different." - Moosa 4M

"My favourite way to make art is by drawing." - Owen 4M

"Art makes me feel good and when I do art I feel good" -Reese 4M

“What art means to me is that you get to convey messages in a unique way other than just typing or giving a presentation and it's a bit like sign language.” - Avnoor 4P

“Art keeps me of my electronics I LOVE ART SO MUCH it inspires me to use my own creativity to make are I LOVE MY ART and plus I think I am very good at art.” - Jenna 4P

“What art means to me is a way to be creative and it makes me happy. My favourite way to make art is by painting.”- Liam 4P

“Art means to me is just a fun thing to do in my free time. Art is important because it can explain your expression.Art can change the world by happiness. My favourite to make art is drawing.” - Brandon 4P

“My art means loneliness because of covid 19. Because of covid 19 we can't hug anyone like grandma and grandpas. Art is important because it can express who we are. Art can change the world by letting people express themselves which helps people feel happy. My favorite way to make art is by using my imagination.” - Ryder 4P

“Art means to me a way I can express myself without words through drawing and it is a way that you can understand people better. It is also a way that I can understand people better and my dad’s youngest oldest brother loves art to and before this COVID-19 Pandemic we went to one of his art galleries. But I love art it is my favorite subject in school, and it feels like I am in another world as I mix up colors on my paint palette.” - Summer 4P

“Art can change the world by showing people that they don’t have to worry about their future or if they don’t get an A+ in math, so what I’m saying is art is a sign for people to get hope and it’s mostly because it’s pretty nice to look at heh I’m a jokester😇🤣. People love art because it’s unique inspiring and most important it brings people together.” – Zelina 4P

“Art to me is a stress reliever, calms me down, and it’s a passion I love to do, being creative and thinking different. It’s also a way to express ourselves. You can imagine and create whatever you want. Art is important because it expands your imagination and gives you something else to do other than electronics. Art can change the world by positive messages, and reusing things to make art. My favorite way to make art is by blending a sky like Red to Orange to Yellow. Or Blue to Purple. And then adding things to once it dries like palm trees, water or maybe a sun.”- Gurnoor 4P