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Rush Club Development provides a number of consulting and support services to our partner clubs. We aim to deliver expertise and unparalleled services to our partners, and provide support to ensure the development and success of each Rush club.

These services also include access to our extensive electronic library of technical and administrative manuals based on best practices in operating a soccer club. Here, you can find a number of club management policies and controls, sample documents and templates which would help improve your club.

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For General Assistance & Support:
Operations Manager - Michael Ritch

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Get useful legal information and documents for your club. Documents such as contract templates, club by-laws, Articles of Incorporation and much more are available here.

Do you have the required documentation and processes to manage your club financial affairs? Here you will find key documents to improve your financial structure of your club.

Improve your club's planning and admin operations by utilizing the information in this guide. Additionally, here you can learn how to create club objectives and structure risk management policies?

Managing and developing your staff is critical to the success of your club. How do you plan to recruit key personnel? Here you can find important documents to assist you in running your HR department.

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