Arts Education


Hello to all prospective Northstars! We have created this site to help aid you with the application process. We are now accepting online applications for our Arts Education programs. Please navigate to the discipline of your choice for more specific information.

Arts Education Applications:

Arts Education Registration and APPLICATION information

Please complete the following Application and Registration forms to begin the process of becoming an Arts Education Major. 

The following documents should be completed and sent to the Arts Education Coordinator, at to complete the child's registration for school. 

Following your application, the process for admission includes approval from the teacher and our Principal and/or one of our VPs.  If accepted, the child will receive an acceptance letter.  Bussing will be arranged for those who reside outside of the catchment area only if they are accepted into the program.  Guidance will assist in course selection.

*** Any students looking for more information about our program or who are currently looking to apply, should contact our Arts Education Coordinator, or 705-674-7551 ext. 6836.