RRPS Career Technical Education (CTE) Programs

RRPS CTE Mission: To provide students with career exploration, core knowledge, and technical experience to advance their employability and post-secondary options.

A CTE Pathway is a 3-4 class sequence in a career cluster.

The National High School Graduation Rate for CTE Concentrators (students taking at least two classes in a CTE Pathway) is 93% – 13 percentage points higher than the national average of 80%.


RRPS CTE Overview

18 High School programs include:

  • --Automotive Technology (Skills USA), Agricultural Sciences (FFA), Teacher Prep (Ed Rising), Marketing (DECA)

  • --Culinary Arts (ProStart), Film Video Audio Production, Theater Tech/Set Design & Construction, Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

  • --PLTW Engineering, PLTW Biomedical Sciences, PLTW Computer Science, Python Programming, Robotics, CAD

  • --Dual Credit (with CNM) Welding, Dual Credit Fire Science, Dual Credit Nursing, & Dual Credit Medical Assistant.

  • --2361 High School Students, 25 Teachers

3 Middle School programs include:

  • --Computer Technology, Robotics, Culinary Arts

  • --Approximately 1000 students, 12 Teachers

See "Announcements" Below

Luciano Mendoza Wins Bronze in Auto Service Tech at NM State SkillsUSA (April '21)

RRPS CTE's New Storage Container (April '21)

New Hybrid Car For RRPS Auto Program (March '21)


RRPS Automotive Student Luciano Mendoza Wins Bronze at State SkillsUSA (April '21)

This year, RRPS Automotive teacher Jim Gore started a chapter of SkillsUSA. SkillsUSA is a national, student-run Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO) for secondary and post-secondary students. Luciano Mendoza, a Junior at Rio Rancho High School, was voted RRPS Chapter President and soon thereafter accepted the opportunity to attend the NM SkillsUSA State Leadership Conference and compete in the Automotive Service Technology contest.

SkillsUSA NM held its virtual State Leadership and Skills Conference March 4-- April 10. Due to Covid Restrictions, the Skills contests were held virtually, and the Automotive Service Technology Contest was held via Zoom on the Morning of March 25.

Luciano submitted a resume, completed a 1-hour technical assessment, and a professional development test. The 4 hour-long contest included 10 judged "activities" related to the automotive industry. Activities included a job interview and simulations in shop automotive diagnosis and repair procedures. The contest placed emphasis on Luciano's ability to work safely in the simulated shop and use logic and reasoning skills to solve problems on simulated vehicles.

At the end of the day, Luciano was awarded the bronze medal in Automotive Service Technology! Congratulations Luciano and Mr. Gore!

RRPS Ed Rising Students Shine In State Competition! (March '21)

On March 4th & 5th, 2021, Rio High School and V. Sue Cleveland High School had 12 students compete in the Educators Rising State Conference. The Ed Rising teachers (Amanda Guiterrez, Ashli Johnston, and Pam Flores) from both high schools are extremely proud of all their students.

9 of the 12 PLACED and qualified for Ed Rising Nationals!

The State Winners from CHS and RRHS are:

  • Kailey Douglas-Children's Literature K-3 (3rd Place)

  • Dayree Ramirez- Job Interview (2nd Place)

  • Isabelle Reeves-Lesson Planning and Delivery (2nd Place)

  • Leah Futey and Devonie Thompson-Researching Learning Challenges (1st Place)

  • Analyssa Shainin and Kaylee Underwood- Researching Learning Challenges (3rd Place)

  • Erin Magrath-Children's K-3 (1st Place)

  • Amoreen LaCour- Lesson Planning and Delivery (1st Place)

CHS Storming STEM Wins State Governor's STEM Challenge (Jan '21)

The dynamic teaching duo of Ashli Johnston and Lauren Huey once again led their students to a state championship in the Governor's STEM Challenge for the second year in a row.

The student team (pictured above) was comprised of Jacob Trappett , Elijah Griego , Isabella Hendricks , Eliana Juarez , Cooper Lane , and Zachary Cowden.

The Challenge: “How can you combine New Mexico’s natural resources with technology to address regional/global needs?”

The Storming STEM Team worked together to create a device that generates electricity and hot water from the abundant New Mexican resource of sunlight. Unlike other mechanisms such as solar panels, our project SolGen produces zero emissions and is almost entirely made out of recycled materials. By utilizing a Fresnel lens to concentrate sunlight to a single, superheated point, we were able to harness the power of the sun to boil water and use the steam to power a steam engine and power a battery.

Please watch this student-generated video prepared for the competition.: Link to Elevator Pitch.

Carpenter Apprentices Needed (Spring '21)

The Southwest Regional Carpenters Union is currently seeking qualified candidates for their 4 year apprenticeship program. Applicants must be 18 years of age and should have reliable transportation. Members of the Carpenters Union work in all areas of the state-primarily in Interior Systems (metal stud framing and drywall) and General Construction (Concrete) on Private, State and Federal facilities earning great pay and beginning to earn health benefits (medical, dental, vision) and laying the groundwork for a retirement. Interested individuals can reach out to Carpenters LU 1319 at 505-268-4389, Rosendo Najar 505-249-3439, Juan Gonzalez Jr. 505-803-0483 or Matt Suarez 505-715-8125.