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What is the purpose of each type of assessment in RUSD?

REVISED 18-19 RUSD Local Assessment Overview - Data Talk Planning Template

2021-2022 RUSD Assessment and Data Calendar

2021-2022 Assessment Calendar

2021-2022 Assessment Calendar

District Assessments 2021-2022

District Assessments 2021-2022

2021-2022 Grading Periods

Grading Periods.xlsx

2020-2021 RUSD Assessment and Data Calendar Updates

2018-2019 Progress on Assessment Work
2019-2020 RUSD Interims
K-6 Report Card Plan

RUSD Instructional Maps and Interim Assessments

Smarter Balanced Blueprints

2020-2021 Math Summative Assessment Blueprint

2020-2021 Math Summative Blueprint.pdf

2020-2021 ELA Summative Assessment Blueprint

2020-2021 ELA Summative Blueprint.pdf

2020-2021 Math FIAB Blueprint

Math Focused Interim Assessment Blocks Blueprint.pdf

2020-2021 ELA FIAB Blueprint

ELA Focused Interim Assessment Blocks Blueprint.pdf

2020-2021 Math IAB Blueprint

Math Interim Assessment Blocks Blueprint.pdf

2020-2021 ELA IAB Blueprint

ELA Interim Assessment Blocks Blueprint.pdf

Achievement Level Descriptors


SBAC Interim Assessments

View Interim Assessments Quick-Start Guide
Administer Interim Assessment Quick-Start Guide
Hand Scoring Quick-Start Guide
Viewing SBAC Interim Assessment Results

SBAC Interims Tutorials

SBAC Summative Assessments

SBAC Summative Tutorials

Secure Browser Orientation (Slides for Test Administrators/Examiners)

Secure Browser Checklist (Checklist of steps to do for Test Administrators/Examiners)

Logging into the Secure Browser (Document for Students)

Logging into the Secure Browser (Video for Students)

Resources for Performance Tasks

Elementary Report Cards

2-6 Report Cards

Report card templates posted to right show standards linked to Aeries Gradebook.

History and Science Interim Assessments

BACKGROUND: In 2014-2015, RUSD History and Science teachers engaged in a year-long process to develop site-based performance tasks to replace existing, multiple-choice quarterly benchmarks. You can read an overview of that process, including rationale, here (HISTORY) and here (SCIENCE). During this process, RUSD Design Teams in History and Science created the following templates to guide the development process:


RUSD ELD Portfolio

ELD Portfolio Update to Site Principals March 2014.pdf

In 2012-2013, a team of RUSD teachers and administrators began developing a new tool to progress monitor language development for English learners. The process included reviewing the new ELD standards, developing writing and speaking rubrics, and identifying a portfolio template. The rubrics are posted below. You can see detailed background on the work here and here. Starting 2014-2015 the ELD portfolio was fully implemented in ELD 1-3 classes districtwide in grades 7-12, while a small group of elementary teachers continued to implement at the K-6 levels. During the 2016-2017 school year, we will work with targeted elementary sites to implement the tool, including the inclusion of an electronic portfolio feature to capture and display student work samples.

For more information on ELD portfolios, click on the

Marking ELD Portfolios in Illuminate
B/W RUSD Interim EL Reclassification Criteria/Process
RUSD Gr 3-6 Determining Reclass Eligibility - ELPAC.pdf
RUSD Gr 7-12 Determine Reclass Eligibility.pdf

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