Number Sense

Event Description

This number sense contest is designed to give fourth and fifth grade students an opportunity to develop quick mental math skills to use in everyday life to make decisions. Concepts covered include: multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, proportions, and the use of mathematic notation. Students will be given a 10 minute fill in the blank test which shall be completed mentally without doing any calculations on paper or with a calculator. After practicing for ten weeks, three students and one additional alternate from each grade level will be chosen to represent Deep Wood at our Learning Community Meet.

Coaches will be announced soon!

practice schedule

Practice for all UIL events will be the week of October 15th until the week of January 22nd from 2:55- 3:30pm. This event's practice details will be here soon!

Study and Practice resources

Dr. Numsen Number Sense Program

Number Sense Workbook.pdf
Number Sense Full Workbook.pdf

Practice Tests/Questions

Elements of Number Sense.pdf
Study Booklet 2016-17 All Events.pdf