STEM Tools in RCPS

The following items are available for classroom use. To schedule use, teachers should contact ITRTs in advance for assistance in planning instructional activities using this equipment. ITRTs can help through any or all stages of the process — brainstorming/planning through reflection afterward.

The PURPOSE of this equipment is for professional development use, i.e. to help teachers design and execute learning experiences that address the Virginia K-12 Computer Science standards. It is for this reason that equipment is NOT made available for general checkout to teachers and classrooms. These items must remain available for use in helping ALL teachers learn new strategies for fostering student growth in the 5 Cs — critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, and citizenship — our Rockingham student learning goals, as well as address the VA CS standards. Teachers, please invite an ITRT to work with you in applying best practices using these items.

Schools are encouraged to purchase items for their general classroom use. RCPS has and will continue seeding schools with equipment but when demand exceeds availability, schools are urged to purchase additional items for their classrooms. Contact Tammy Stone or Stephanie Failes for further information.

Click on a STEM tool for more information and lesson ideas.