EDPs '22/'23

RIS Extended Day Program Policy

The Extended Day Program at Ruamrudee International School strives to provide a welcoming, fun, and safe learning environment for students. Courses are designed to challenge, excite, and intrigue children through a variety of different educational fields, including Science, Technology, Mathematics, Sports, and the Arts. Courses are sponsored (taught) by academic professionals from both Ruamrudee International School faculty and outsourced vendors.

Each year, we offer three EDP sessions of 8 weeks per session (unless otherwise stated). For the current academic year, RIS has put the following policies into practice to ensure a safe, fair, and well-managed program for our local community.

  1. All students must be registered via the online EDP registration form before they can take part in an EDP course.

  2. Students can register for more than one course but please be careful not to choose more than one course per day.

  3. Courses that do not reach the minimum number of students will be canceled and removed from the registration form. Students who registered for that canceled course will be able to choose a different course or receive a refund.

  4. When a course reaches the maximum number of students it will be closed and no longer available as an option on the registration form.

  5. All payments MUST be made by the end of the first week of each EDP session. Failure to pay for a course may result in your son/daughter losing his/her place in the course.

  6. Students are not allowed to change courses or receive refunds after the second week of classes are completed.

Thank you for your support and cooperation for the RIS Extended Day Program. For any questions, please contact the EDP Coordinator, Mr. Matthew Smith, at matts@rism.ac.th.