Scholarship Information

Student Scholarships come in many forms, on many levels. The most local level of scholarship money is found here at the high school in the spring. RHAM is fortunate to have local organizations from the tri-town area and private individuals donate scholarship funds each year. Please check this page for updates and information throughout the school year.

Connecticut listing for High School Scholarships for Trade Schools

The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving has a wonderful offering of scholarship funds available to students who reside in the 29 Greater Hartford Region - our students qualify. The catalog of scholarships, searchable by specific criteria, is available at .

American Educational Guidance Center, Inc. has a site that links to thousands of resources to help people identify their educational, scholarship and financial aid options. You may access this information by visiting: .

Many corporate scholarships are available and can be found by doing simple research at each website. For example, go to the Best Buy, DunkinDonuts, Big Y sites for information. All deadline and required materials vary so students need to be organized and dedicated to searching the scholarships. is a social enterprise working in partnership with the White House and over 180 colleges to expand access to higher education by improving the way students prepare for college—both financially and academically. Rather than waiting until the end of high school to award aid, which is often too late to impact a student’s college ambitions or choices, enables students to earn grant aid throughout high school, starting as early as 9th grade, for doing all the things that best prepare them to succeed, whether that’s getting good grades, volunteering in the community or joining an extracurricular. The amount that students earn from a college on represents a guaranteed minimum amount of aid they’ll receive if they apply and are admitted to that college. Please visit for full details.

CT Dollars and Sense Financial Literacy Portal: A partnership of state agencies has launched CT Dollars & Sense, an on-line portal that provides one website for Connecticut students and parents to find out how to plan, save and pay for college. Students can get information on scholarships, loans, and college savings plans, and also learn how to budget their money or find internships. Information is available by visiting . : This site, powered by Discover Student Loans, is a free resource on planning and paying for college with information on Discover Scholarship Sweepstakes Awards.

LendEDU's Guide to College Scholarships is a resource that teaches students and families the importance of searching for scholarships when figuring out how to pay for college. The site now includes a new search tool where students can filter scholarship opportunities based on their grade level, GPA, the scholarship amount, and the requirements of the scholarship. .

Finally, there are a large number of search engines- , College Board,,, School Soup , - there are many, many more. Students need to register, enter background information (religion, ethnicity, parent affiliation such as Lions Club, Masons) and the site will kick out all scholarships that the student is eligible to apply for. Again, great opportunities but there is work required in applying.


  • Please make sure all required documents are attached and all information is completed (don’t forget to include your full address if it is requested- Region 8 encompasses 3 different towns!)

  • For transcript(s), please sign up on the Transcript Request Sheet in the school counseling office or send an email to ( ). You must specify whether you need Official or Unofficial copy/copies and allow 2 weekdays to process your request.

  • Please meet with your counselor to complete information such as comments, GPA, and signature.

  • Be sure to notate submission DEADLINES and method of delivery: Some scholarships require that submissions be mailed or emailed directly to the organization while others need to be dropped off in guidance.

**If you have any questions or need assistance accessing an application, please come see Ms. Abbatomarco in Guidance!**

Current Scholarship Applications

Please use the

***Sponsoring Organization Scholarship Application***

when instructed for certain local scholarships listed on this page.

Student A variety of Connecticut scholarship opportunities are available by visiting:

Imagine America High School Scholarship: Graduating high school seniors who meet the recommended guidelines are eligible to receive a tuition discount that can be used at career colleges participating in the Imagine America Scholarship Program throughout the nation. For more information please visit:

AES Engineers Scholarship: This award is available to motivated students to help in the furthering of their education, regardless of their field of study. You are not required to be taking Engineering courses to be eligible. Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of character, as determined by an evaluation of the essay, in answer to the following question: When you look back on your life in 30 years, what would it take for you to consider your life successful? What relationships or accomplishments will be important on this journey? Submit essay to . There is no application packet for this award. Please do not include your resume at this time. Be sure to include your full name as well as the name of the school you are attending this year and your plans for next year. Full details are available by visiting . Deadline for entry: October 6, 2018.

2019 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards: The program honors students for outstanding service to others at the local, state and national level. To be eligible, you must be in grades 5-12 as of November 6, 2018, be a legal resident of any U.S. state, have engaged in a volunteer activity that occurred at least in part after September 1, 2017 and submit a completed application to your guidance counselor by November 6, 2018. Complete details are available by visiting . Deadline: November 6, 2018.

2018 CHET Advance Scholarship Program: Up to 100 seniors and up to 100 freshmen will be awarded up to $2500 in a CHET 529 college savings account through a random drawing of all eligible students who complete an online application before the program deadline (10/2/2018). Applicants must attend a school located in Connecticut, be home schooled in Connecticut, or attend a school outside of Connecticut if you, your parent or guardian resides in Connecticut. The following criteria to be eligible for this scholarship must be met: For high school seniors: You must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or above. You must graduate no later than July 1, 2019 and intend to begin an accredited college or university no later than September 30, 2020. For high school freshmen: You must intend to begin college no later than September 30, 2023. Eligibility requirements and full details, including online application ( ), are available by visiting . Deadline: October 2, 2018.