Process Development

Effective Processes are key for successful and profitable manufacturing and success. Whether you already have a process in place and are looking for streamlining and optimization, or if you are ready to develop a new one, we can help to connect you with the right resources. We can source help for you with the following aspects of process development;

Development Process

Proprietary process analysis and optimization techniques help you determine where to focus precious company resources and maximize ROI.

Manufacturing and Assembly Process

Manufacturing and Assembly processes include a variety of areas including component-level manufacturing, kitting, multi-component manufacturing, and assembly. We can help you minimize waste, improve efficiency, increase profitability and reduce your net environmental impact.

Quality Assurance and Spot Testing

Component, sub-assembly, and/or finish product testing is a key part of outgoing quality assurance, and is critical for companies who want to improve their company product reputation while minimizing costly customer returns. We offer to help define and establish the proper test methodologies at the right places in the manufacturing and assembly process flow to help our customers identify quality issues as soon as possible so no further cost is incurred. For higher volume productions, use of our statistical approaches allow for testing of sample sizes rather than entire lots of products – all in an effort to minimize the cost of the quality assurance.

Site–to–Customer Logistics Process

While manufacturing processes are important for a lean, and cost-effective production line, ensuring that there are processes in place for how to manage and handle products from the production floor to the customer is an area that often is under-utilized as an area of cost reduction. An equally streamlined process for site-to-customer management allows you to increase revenue further, enable better tracking and traceabiity, and ultimately enables better customer communications. We are here to serve you – consult with your account manager to determine how we can find you the help you make your business better.