Doing Business with Red Fox

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics is the foundation for the practices, policies and guidelines that determine how we conduct day-to-day business.

It directs all employees and officers to:

  • Manage Red Fox and subsidiary organizations according to the highest business, ethical, moral and civic standards.
  • Operate in a manner that earns the respect of our shareholders, employees, communities, customers, suppliers and all others committed to our success.
  • Make Red Fox a top-performing company, managed for the long-term benefit of all of our stakeholders.

Contacting our Purchasing Group

The Purchasing Group at Red Fox Advisors, Inc. would like to extend a welcome to all current as well as potential suppliers. It is best to contact the appropriate Purchasing professional responsible for the commodity segment for which the supplier representative is attempting to present their product or service. Please note that the Purchasing Group would prefer to conduct supplier interviews by appointment. The hours of availability are 9:00 am to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday Pacific Time. The purchasing Group should be your first point of sales contact at Red Fox Advisors, Inc.

How to approach Engineering

The Engineering Group at Red Fox Advisors, Inc. actively seeks to engage the technical capabilities of existing as well as potential suppliers. We seek to utilize a simultaneous engineering approach to product development and value engineering. The engineering Group is jointly involved with the selection of suppliers and strategic partners. You may contact the project engineer after referral from purchasing. It is appropriate to refer technical related questions to engineering on an ongoing basis.

Confidentiality Agreements

All suppliers wishing to do business with Red Fox Advisors, Inc. will be required to sign an agreement of confidentiality. Red Fox Advisors, Inc. is actively engaged in the acquisition, curation development of technologies, resources, and best-practices. We will aggressively protect our proprietary information.

Strategic Alliances

Red Fox Advisors, Inc. believes that our suppliers play an integral part in our continued success. Some suppliers support Red Fox Advisors, Inc. with materials and/or services that we consider strategic to our operations. It is with such situations that Red Fox Advisors, Inc. will enter into a strategic alliance for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Supplier Partnering

We seek to do business with companies that conduct business transparently, and are willing to share information and technology where mutually beneficial. The typical Supplier Partner to Red Fox Advisors, Inc. has created a corporate culture for their employees to be passionate about exceeding customer expectations and committed to reducing the Total Cost of Ownership. Providing exceptional value to the supplier/customer relationship has to be the ultimate goal of both Red Fox Advisors, Inc. and our supplier/s. We as a team must work together to eliminate waste wherever it exists. Suppliers that can provide this kind of value will be rewarded with continuous business growth provided by Red Fox Advisors, Inc.

Technology Sharing

Red Fox Advisors, Inc. is a leader in field by providing value and providing technological solutions to our clients. In order for Red Fox Advisors, Inc. to better serve our customers needs, we continue to enlist the technical capabilities of our suppliers. We are always searching for capabilities within the supply base that would provide our engineers and consultants with unique solutions that allow us to lead the field. We encourage our suppliers to participate in the design cycle prior to drawing release. It is our position that our suppliers are the masters of their technologies and can provide our engineers with innovations and process expertise that is critical to product development.

Supplier Managed Inventory

We have enlisted the expertise within our suppliers to help us provide materials to our production areas by having our suppliers manage the materials they provide to the point of use. Our philosophy is to manage the supplier, not the parts. We believe that the supplier is in the best position to replenish the materials they supply by giving them plant floor access to monitor the rate of consumption. It is through this mechanism that the supplier is able to meet as well as anticipate our needs for material. We have found that suppliers benefit from this by giving them access to critical and timely material usage information found only at the point of use.

Supplier Stocked / Consignment Inventories

It may be more practical for some suppliers due to distance or level of business activity, to provide inventories available for instant shipment once notified of the demand by Red Fox Advisors, Inc. We will, in rare circumstances, allow suppliers to consign materials within our storage areas and pay for the material as we use it. We view this activity as a last resort and is typically not cost effective for either the supplier or Red Fox. We will only commit to one release quantity beyond the current inventory position to allow for potential engineering changes, and minimize the potential obsolescence of the materials. In rare circumstances we may arrange for a higher quantity due to lead-time considerations. We seek suppliers that can react to our changing production demands by providing for quick response manufacturing.

How we release orders

Red Fox Advisors, Inc. will release orders for materials at the rate of consumption. The supplier will be given a discrete Purchase Order that references the Blanket Purchase Order number. The supplier is to ship and invoice to the discrete Purchase Order. The supplier will only ship against the Blanket Purchase Order if the material is consigned on our production floor, or if the material is supplier-managed at Red Fox. We will guarantee the keeping of one additional release quantity, or more as dictated by unavoidable extended lead times on hand at the supplier.


Red Fox Advisors, Inc. will provide ongoing feedback to our suppliers. We will monitor performance of suppliers in the areas of delivery, quality, service, and cost controls. The feedback will be at one time formal in discussions of performance and informal as needed.

Shared Cost Reductions

Red Fox Advisors, Inc. believes that suppliers play an integral role in our ability to control costs and cost reduce our products. As an incentive to have our suppliers prolifically help us in this endeavor, we would like to split any cost reductions equally.