Product Development

Your concept is the impetus for our outsourced teams to define, develop, and produce the product as you imagined it.

Our turnkey solutions include highly skilled project managers working across multiple engineering disciplines, who strive to make your experience generally painless and free of frustrations.

Proprietary outsourced methods deliver your projects on schedule, within budget, as expected, and with an eye to minimizing your liabilities at all levels of the supply chain. Transparent scheduled design review meetings ensure that the project is proceeding as desired. While our methods are proven to work very well, we are flexible, able to quickly adapt & accommodate your workflow and schedule as reasonably possible.

Our typical process for collaborating with you on a new product or in improving an existing product involves the following steps:

INQUIRY This is an initial discussion between you and your dedicated consultant to ensure that there is a good fit for both project and people. After this discussion we will execute a mutual non-disclosure agreement to facilitate the exchange of further information and engage our outsourced team.

DISCOVERY This is a detailed discussion between all parties. This will develop a thorough understanding of your project needs and expectations, while you are able to experience the Red Fox method and confirm that we can solve your problem.

DOCUMENTATION AND PROPOSALS Once everyone is comfortable with the initial project scope, we will generate proposals to define project scope, activities, deliverables, schedule, costs, and proposed business terms. We will work closely with you to create and refine a final agreement that should satisfy your needs and budget.

KICKOFF After legalities have been secured, and initial payments have been processed, your dedicated project manager will deploy the people and resources needed to start the project.

IN-PROCESS REVIEW AND CHANGES The scope of your project could change during development, it is a normal part of the creative entrepreneurial process. We understand that and are prepared to review and amend the project as necessary.

PROJECT COMPLETION Once your product has been developed, our project is complete, and you can begin the exciting process of marketing and promotion, or simply have our team assist you.