We Know

the Business of Water

Our experts can assist with sourcing R&D, Diagnostics, Design, Equipment, Consumables, Maintenance and Management services in the following areas:

Water Quality Management

      • Bacteria Control and Remediation – Legionella, Halophiles, Heterotrophs, and Pathogens
      • Corrosion Control
      • Clarification, Particulate Filtration, and Corrosion Control
      • Oxidation – Ambient, Ozone, AOP
      • Deionization, Electrodeionization, Capacitive/Continuous Deionization
      • Membrane Separation – Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis
      • Boiler & Cooling Tower Water Quality Management
      • Softening, Conditioning and Dealkalization
      • Pool and Spa
      • Process Water for Industry
      • Aquaculture, Brewing, EDM/Machining, Horticulture

Water Conservation

      • Water Saving Protocols
      • Graywater Harvest, Storage, and Use
      • Process Water Reuse
      • Rainwater Harvesting
      • Sustainable Design

Wastewater Management

      • Environmental Compliance and Remediation
      • Advanced Oxidative Processes
      • Membrane Bioreactors – Anaerobic/Aerobic Digesters
      • Grease Traps, F.O.G Separators
      • Membrane Separators
      • Organic Polymers
      • Inorganic Precipitants
      • Coagulants
      • Flocculants

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