At Joseph Welsh School

By taking part in the Canadian network of 62 Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) schools, and conducting pilot projects, we have the opportunity to make significant contributions to improve the quality of education at our school by reinforcing these pillars.

Click here for a detailed background regarding good practices for quality education, and here for detailed information about UNESCO in Canada.


In October 2017, Joseph Welsh School became the newest Alberta candidate school within UNESCO's Associated Schools Project Network in Canada. We are proud to belong to a growing network of schools around the world dedicated to UNESCO's four pillars of learning and four main study areas:


  • Learning to Know;
  • Learning to Do;
  • Learning to Be, and
  • Live with each other

Study Areas (click for information on each one)

Welcome To Our Website!

As you browse around this website, you will discover pages representing all the ways we represent learning within the four pillars of UNESCO ASP Net. If you have any questions, or would like to be involved, please contact one of our student coordinators...