A Vision of a Social Studies Graduate

To ensure that our students are prepared to be active citizens in our democratic society, we must start with a vision of what we believe our students should know, should be able to do, and should be like when they graduate from our schools:

So what Will we ask students to do every day?

New Visions for Public Schools has taken the NYS Practices and distilled them into student friendly language that represents the kinds of actions that students should be regularly engaged in during social studies instruction. This is intended to provide a common language that can be used to teach, learn, and refine critical thinking skills needed to excel in social studies. (https://curriculum.newvisions.org/social-studies/)

New Vision Student Social Studies Practices

What will we do to help students achieve this vision?

The prioritized actions and associated “look-fors” below are intended to be anchors and guides that shape the work of classroom teachers as we support students in embodying our Vision of a Social Studies Graduate.

These “Look Fors” are intended to be examples of practices aligned to our instructional priorities in social studies classes. References to the Danielson rubric are made, but are not all-inclusive and are not intended as a replacement for supervision or evaluation purposes.