Rescue Crew

Rescue Crew - Now Recruiting

If being part of the rescue crew appeals to you, and you are:

  • 19 years of age or older;
  • able to commit at least 2 years to the unit;
  • able to meet the physical demands of hours on the water in rough conditions;
  • able to respond to calls at the Gibsons Harbour station location within minutes while on call; and
  • a holder of a PCOC licence,

consider becoming part of the Gibsons Marine Search and Rescue team.

Your training will include professional instruction in:

  • Seamanship;
  • Boat handling;
  • Navigation (using both chart plotters and radar);
  • Marine First Aid;
  • Marine safety;
  • Search Techniques; and
  • Rescue Operations.

Current Opportunities

We are currently recruiting for new rescue crew volunteers for our fall 'new crew' training program.

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Below is an image of our operational area.