RCMSAR Station 14 • Gibsons, BC

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station 14 is on call and ready to respond to marine emergencies 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Our operations serve an area of almost 600 square kilometres in the coastal waters of communities from Port Mellon to Davis Bay. All of our members are unpaid volunteers, fully engaged in supporting our communities and dedicated to saving lives on the water.

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Join Us!

Learn new skills, meet great people, have fun, and give back to your community! Even if you have no marine or boating experience, many of your life and professional skills will be highly beneficial and we provide additional training as required. Positions are available for active rescue crew, maintenance crew, associated fundraising, outreach & communication teams, and the governing society.

Our recruitment campaign continues!

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Support Us!

Funding is the lifeblood of every non-profit organization. We are no exception.

To ensure that our volunteer rescue crews are safe and our vessel is up to the rigours that harsh weather and rough seas can present, considerable time and expense is incurred in maintaining our equipment. One of the best ways to assist in our continued operation is through a tax deductible financial donation.

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Station News

RCMSAR Station 14 announcements and news of note...

2021 December

TELUS, a world-leading communications and information technology company, has made a significant investment in support of marine search and rescue services on BC's Sunshine Coast. The company's recent donation of $20,000 to RCMSAR Station 14 will support much-needed improvements to our programs and operations.
$5,000 of these funds will be used to expand our station's Kids Don't Float program. This program ensures that personal flotation devices (PFDs) for children are available to families to borrow at no cost, so their kids can safely enjoy activities on or near the water.
The remaining $15,000 will be used to upgrade navigation equipment aboard our rescue vessel. This upgrade allows our crews to safely travel in zero visibility conditions, leading to faster response and rescue capabilities that wouldn’t otherwise be possible in marine emergency operations.
Thank you to TELUS for your generous support.______________________

Elves Club: Crash the Coast
2021 December

Elves Club is a volunteer-run, registered charity that helps individuals and local families in need, providing gift cards for food purchases over the holiday season.
RCMSAR Station 14 is proud to support Elves Club and we again joined our fellow first responders in collecting donations on behalf of this local charity for its 2021 "Crash the Coast" campaign. Members of the Sunshine Coast's RCMSAR stations, Land SAR unit, and Fire Departments had collected over $31,000 towards the $40,059 total raised for Elves Club.
Thanks to everyone who helped fill the boots; your kindness and the many donations, big and small, have made a tremendous difference to those in need within our communities during this holiday season.

Cold Water Awareness
2021 September

As the Summer ends, the surface temperatures of our surrounding ocean waters rapidly decline. Anyone immersed in these waters at this time of year faces a greater risk of death from cold shock, cold incapacitation, or hypothermia.
Note that most cold water deaths are not from hypothermia, but rather from drowning - either by cold shock on initial exposure that can trigger sudden, involuntary water inhalation or a heart attack, or by cold incapacitation that occurs in the following minutes as you lose effective use of your hands, feet, and limbs for movement.
Wearing a lifejacket is critically important to keep you afloat and breathing during cold water immersion until you're able to either self-rescue or await rescue from SAR emergency responders.
More information regarding cold water awareness and survival is available here. ______________________