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on the water, on the dock, or onshore.

Help Save Lives by joining the Rescue Crew

Rescue Crew

The Rescue Crew are the women and men who respond to calls for assistance on the water. The station is on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If being part of the rescue crew appeals to you, and...


Help Save Lives by joining the Support Crew

Support Crew

We recognize that being part of a rescue crew is not for everyone and appreciate there are many who would still like to help out. Our Support Crew provides the station with knowledge and expertise, as well as the human energy to keep the vessel, equipment, boathouse and crew in the condition to be a world-class marine search and rescue unit.


Help Save Lives by joining the Shore Crew

Shore Crew

If being part of the Rescue or Support Crew doesn't float your Boat, you can still be of great help by joining the Society or Board. Without the Society, the rescue crew doesn't leave the dock. A variety of knowledge, expertise, skill and interests are needed. Even if you have no marine or boating experience, many of your life and professional skills will be highly beneficial.