Deferred Giving

Station 14 (Gibsons), Station 12 (Half Moon Bay) and Station 61 (Pender Harbour) have banded together with the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation (SCCF) to form a segregated fund, called the Marine Rescue Endowment Fund. This fund is open for gift donations in the form of a charitable bequest (a gift in your will); donations of publicly traded securities; donations as a life insurance beneficiary or a beneficiary of an RRSP or RRIF. The SCCF also has an option for American donors that can be applied to American tax filings.

The funds stay with the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation, who invest and manage them on behalf of the three Sunshine Coast Stations. The Stations benefit from the investment income within this fund.

A gift to the Marine Rescue Endowment Fund in a loved ones’ name is the perfect way to keep their memory alive. Your support means they will live on through the tireless work of our lifeboat crews to save lives at sea. Making room in your will for a legacy to the Marine Rescue Stations on the Sunshine Coast means that it will help bring our teams safely home. Your special gift will be used wisely and effectively.

As a donor, you can specify if you want the funds to go to a specific Station, or for a specific purpose in an area that is special to you (such as purchase of first aid equipment or crew gear).

For information on how to proceed with this lasting gift, please click here to be taken to the SCCF website giving page.

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