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Fun and Effective Piano Classes and Lessons for ages 4 and up

Believe in the Power of Music, Believe in the Importance of Starting in Preschool,Believe that Learning Can Be Fun!

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Parent Testimonial

Aubrey Brinkerhoff: Our family has absolutely loved the Raya Grace programs. Our daughter is thriving in the music preschool, she absolutely loves Miss Cheri and talks about all the different things they do (and all the interesting snacks they eat!). The MVP class was such a blessing for our son, and he advanced very quickly and was always excited to play us the songs he was learning in class. I loved that they both got to participate in a recital and overcome some fears of playing in front of people. The program is so well done, and has obviously had a lot of thought and effort put into it.

The Practice Struggle

Most parents want their child to learn to play the piano, but have you ever heard a parent struggling to get their child to practice? We believe those students started too late! We have designed a fun and effective method that teaches preschool students how to play the piano while they are young enough to LOVE learning and music, resulting in students playing the piano correctly with both hands before they enter first grade! And, like riding a bike, that skill will last a lifetime.

What Makes Raya Grace Music Different?

We care about you and your children.

We know that you want to give your children the best start.

We believe in the power of music and we know the benefits of learning to play an instrument.

We assure you that this is the best place for your child to learn to love music, to sing in-tune, and to play the piano. Our Music Preschool students get a jump-start on piano using the Raya Grace Rainbow Piano Method which has them playing fun songs with correct fingering (with the right hand) before Christmas! Our MVP students also start with this method and play songs on the very first day of class! Private students of all ages and abilities study here too!

We save you time and money by making it possible for you to invest in your child's music education now, while they are young and while the challenge of learning to play the piano is fun and exciting!