Not a Consultancy, Not an Agency . . . A Connectivity

"Healthcare’s transformation is unfolding in a system that conspires against the very things it aspires toward."

Chief Connections Officer, Richard Schwartz


Richard Schwartz, Chief Connections Officer

I have worked in health communications, technology, strategy and execution for my entire career. I think health is simply the very best problem to work toward improving and there is no better time in history.

It is said that customer experience is the difference between what is expected and what actually happens. Somewhere in that equation lies the fidelity between, desires, best intentions, and ideal decisions. Truly placing an individual in the center and guiding them to optimal care, requires a deep understanding of the players, barriers, and opportunities.

Health has come into an age of outcomes, where the expectations of constituents are keenly and contractually focused on how to best ensure patients and their care teams are armed to enable the best results possible – The Outcomes Economy. Yet, healthcare’s transformation is unfolding in a system that conspires against the very things it aspires toward; better outcomes, better experiences for patients and, better use of time and funds.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that the usual suspects will not solve this themselves. When the price of goods and services delivered is outpaced by the value received while it runs amok of costs adjusted for inflation – that industry is ripe for disruption. This has already begun with the often cited ‘Amazonification’ of health at the vanguard, and many other tech, large employers, and seemingly non health entities in the mix.

We’ve looked at health as a vertical, when in fact it, like energy, and food, and transportation - it is actually a true horizontal. Every company is health company, they have customers and employees and the health and well being of all of them really matters. We don't have a technology problem, or a regulatory problem as much as we have a connectivity problem. Human behaviors around health and wellness require brands and systems to understand, embrace, and manage irrationality.

So now what? Now, we must shift the health engagement approach to true value - working in partnerships with anchor organizations, innovators, and entities outside the traditional health set of players. These are the pieces I connect.