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In January 2018 over 1,000 survey responses identified the top competencies that our school community believes are important for a Ramsey student to possess upon their graduation from the Ramsey School District. Together these competencies form the Profile of a Ramsey Graduate and serve to inform curriculum writing, teaching practices, and assessment across the district. Together, this work will make up the long-term district goal of "Developing the Ramsey Graduate" as the Profile of a Ramsey Graduate will serve as the "North Star" that guides all of our district work from PreK through Grade 12. This site will be expanded throughout the 2018-2019 school year as we roll out the Profile of a Ramsey Graduate. Please check back often.

Habits of Minds


Reflect on their own learning and experiences; think about their own thinking.

Interpersonal Skills


Understand others’ views and needs with an open mind.


Adapt to complicated challenges, persist when obstacles arise, and understand different views on a problem or solution.

Personal Attributes


Make good choices that reflect integrity and accountable behavior in an effort to

Academic Mindset

Have a positive attitude and belief about themselves as a learner.

Self Direction

Set goals, prioritize, and engage in independent and lifelong learning.

The 4C's

Critical Thinking

Reason effectively using relevant information to make a judgment or solve a problem.


Listen effectively and express ideas for a range of purposes and audiences.


Work effectively with others towards achieving a common goal.


Generate ideas, learn from mistakes, and elaborate and refine ideas to maximize value.

Content Mastery



The Arts

World Languages