Training begins at state of the art Indian Railways simulation facility at MDDTI, Kanpur (NCR)

The Central Organisation For Modernisation of Workshops (COFMOW) awarded C.C Engineers a contract for the for procurement of locomotive-hauled/train simulators (on turnkey and DDP basis) at the Electric Training Centre, Kanpur. This 3-phase locomotive for the WAG-9 was the first time an India-based order was placed for a motion-base 3-phase loco simulator for the WAG-9. The simulator will be manufactured in the Pune branch of the company and will be substantially less expensive than previous models. It will be developed using 100% local technology, fully developed in Pune. The simulator will have features far superior to the existing simulators for Indian Railways. It will be supplied along with 12-part-task trainers, superior technology and capabilities and advanced computer graphics. IT is a turnkey project, complete with building and maintenance for 8 years, along with a two year warranty period.