CRB inspects Simulators at Rourkela

CRB - Indian Railways inspecting the instructional facilities

CRB (CEO) - Indian Railways operating the simulator

GM SER inspecting the facility

Date : 10th July 2022 Rourkela. The Chairman - Railway Board (CRB) also now the CEO of Indian Railways Shri. V.K. Tripathi inspected the training facilities at the Centre of Excellence for Loco-pilots set up at Rourkela (SER). GM (SER) Ms. Archana Joshi , Principal Chief Electrical Engineer Shri. Ishaq Khan, PCOM (SER) Sri. P. Dansana, and CELE (SER) Shri. R K Tiwari, CELE were also present. The team appreciated the excellent facilities created for loco-pilots which consisted of Simulators for two variants of the three phase loco WAG9 / WAP7. Each simulator cab had an independent instructor station and was capable of handling independent exercise with Geo-typical CGI for the sections in the zone.