1:8 scaled down Diesel/ Steam Loco

CC created India’s first and only 1:8 rideable diesel locomotive and steam locomotive at National Rail Museum, New Delhi. Fully designed in-house, it covers a length of 1.5km and the track moves through various terrains, bridges, tunnels.

The locomotive is powered by a hydraulic engine which runs on diesel and the face mimics a WDG5 locomotive. It has a hauling capacity of up to 6 carriages and runs at a maximum speed 20kmph. The steam locomotive operates on an actual coal-fired steam engine with scaled down boilers, pistons, pressure gauges and an operational whistle. This beast can haul up to 60 people at speeds greater than 30kmph.

G-scale Train Models with Layout

This layout includes working models of trains surrounded by vehicles and scenic gardens for the installation at NRM, Delhi. The Rail Garden depicts different kinds of 1:22.5 scale working models of passenger trains, goods train, waterfalls, ropeways, funiculars and even steam trains in the hilly region. Our indigenously manufactured trains move around the heritage stations such as CST Mumbai, Lucknow, Chennai Central, Guna and Delhi Junction.

H.O-scale Train Models with Layout

This is India’s largest 1:87 scale model rail attraction and sits at the National Rail Museum (NRM), New Delhi. The exhibit uses state-of-the-art digital technology and the layout includes a vast section of Indian Railways along with depictions of how it affects sectors like Aviation, Agriculture, Shipping, Infrastructure Development, Culture, Road transport and Historical sites. The types of trains include a bullet train, electric train, metro train, diesel train and monorail. It also features interesting and innovative details such as a fully functional airport with planes taking off, an alien landing in a UFO, India’s Mangalyan orbiter, an underwater rail tunnel, ropeways, and rollercoasters.

Virtual Reality (VR) Learning

We developed India’s first coach simulator with a virtual tour of India through the railways, right from the 18th century to the present. It uses virtual reality software and the hardware “Oculus Rift” to show an exact replica of our first passenger railway and its transformation to the present standard of Indian Railways. Visitors wear optical gear and get on a motion platform-based coach simulator to fully experience the exhibit.

Train Driving Simulator for Edutainment

This edutainment exhibit includes three state-of-the-art simulators—a steam simulator, diesel simulator and coach simulator—for the National Rail Museum (NRM) refurbishment project in New Delhi. It gives museum visitors a taste of a true train driving experience and teaches them about the inner workings of different types of trains.

Hobby Centre with Gaming Zone

The Gaming Zone created by CC at NRM consists of educational games for children of all age groups. Games include an interactive exercise which shows the expanse of rail networks across India, a huge star shaped multimedia kiosk containing 10 kiosks with individual educational games for kids of all ages and a quiz kiosk with a gaming format.

Restoration work at the National Rail Museum

New Attractions at the National Rail Museum

Indoor Gallery at the National Rail Museum

Outdoor Exhibits at NRM

Miniature India at the National Rail Museum