Hubballi Dharwad Smart City Limited, Hubballi awarded C.C Engineers a contract for the revamping and upgradation of existing infrastructure of the toy train at MG Park, Hubbali. It also includes providing all safety features and various other forms of entertainment at the park. The city’s focus is on sustainable and inclusive development and act like a light house to other aspiring cities.

As a park of the revamping project, C.C Engineers has also been commissioned to manufacture a miniature toy train for the park. The train will be a bullet train, equipped with all the safety features of a regular train. This is the first time any toy train will come with an AC unit, automatic doors and air brakes. It also boasts the unique distinction of being partially powered through solar panels on the train roof. This new toy train will be the first train of its kind manufactured anywhere in the world, and is a highly anticipated attraction for the region. Entertainment facilities will also be present in the train, along with passenger info systems and a PECU passenger emergency communication unit. The emergency PECU unit allows rider to stop the train and talk to the driver and is an especially important feature for an attraction in a children’s park. It will ensure greater safety and will set a new benchmark for the industry standard in toy trains.

Driver Car

Driver Desk

Passenger Car

Solar roof panels