SoundWaves – An Interview with 2012 Olympian Molly Vandemoer

Molly Talks About Teams & Teamates

APRIL 15, 2013

In this edition of SoundWaves, Dean Brenner interviews Molly Vandemoer, a member of the 2012 US Olympic Sailing Team. She and her two teammates, Anna Tunnicliffe and Debbie Capozzi, were gold medalists at the 2011 World Championship and silver medalists at the 2012 Worlds. They spent 16 months ranked #1 in the world and finished 5th at the 2012 Olympic Games. In this exclusive interview with The Latimer Group, Molly shares some simple insights on teams and being a good teammate, concepts that helped make her, Anna and Debbie the best in the world in their sport. The recording can be found here: