Your Support of PYSF's Mission is Needed Now More Than Ever!

Fast Facts: Peninsula Youth Sailing Foundation is the only organization of its kind in the South Bay. It serves hundreds of kids per year with fall, winter, spring, and summer programs. It enables high school sailing teams at over a dozen South Bay high schools. It supports our entire community by offering financial assistance to kids in need. Its director is an Olympian who has designed the program to offer the kids a full range of sailing and life experiences. Plus:

- PYSF is a not-for-profit organization with a full-time director, staff, over 50 boats, and a board of directors comprised of 14 volunteers.

- PYSF is a stand-alone organization which serves the entire community and as such does not benefit from a yacht club’s large financial endowment.

- Redwood City shut down its learn to sail program and now relies on PYSF to fill the void.

- PYSF recently moved from the Port at Redwood City to Westpoint Harbor. As part of this move, PYSF partners with The Club at Westpoint.

- Kids in the South Bay would have no place to turn if PYSF was not there for them.

Reasons to give: PYSF is unable to fully meet the needs of the community without generous outside donations. Students pay fees which cover the daily costs of running the program. However, these fees do not allow for scholarships for kids in need or for capital expenditures for boats, equipment, and facilities. PYSF needs donations to:

- Fund scholarships to serve more kids in our community

- Purchase boats to replace old/aging boats and to grow the fleet

- Longer term, build a permanent facility (currently PYSF operates out of shipping containers)

PYSF has two immediate financial needs:

1) There is no shade at Westpoint for the kids. A 40’x40’ tent roof is needed over the common area – Cost $15,000

2) One of the coach boats is out of commission pending replacement of its inflatable tubes – Cost $14,000

Other ways to donate