As a non-profit 501c (3) organization we rely on donations to make our programs sustainable. These contributions help fund coach boats, new sails, maintaining our fleet of boats, and scholarships.

Your Support of PYSF's Mission is Needed Now More Than Ever!

Dear PYSF Friends and Families,

With the exceptional generosity of the PYSF community in recent years, we have been able to expand our program to serve and enrich the experience of hundreds more youth sailors living in and visiting the Bay Area. Funds raised through our annual holiday campaign have provided much-needed classroom and storage space as well as new boats, trailers, engines, sails and most recently, the ability to employee top level coaches. Many of our current sailors travel long distances past well established, yacht club sponsored programs to participate in the high-caliber offerings of PYSF. As an independent organization, which is not sponsored or subsidized by a yacht club, ongoing fundraising is a necessary undertaking.

PYSF faces new financial headwinds which will further increase our operational deficit. While PYSF has enjoyed a rent-free location through an informal arrangement with the Port of Redwood City for more than two decades, in 2018, the Port has required PYSF to enter into a formal, month-to-month, rental agreement the amount of which is based on a percentage of PYSF’s total operational budget.

In addition to the new payments to the Port, maintenance costs associated with PYSF’s large fleet continue to rise. Every year, PYSF must replace worn boats, purchase new sails and maintain the safety of all of our sailboats, coach boats and equipment while continuously improving our program. Registration fees nearly cover basic operating costs, but leave a gap in funding. As our operational deficit increases, we must defer larger capital expenses such as replacing boats, support equipment and making needed facility improvements.

Your generosity this year is more important than ever. We realize there are many organizations worthy of your consideration. While any amount of support is welcome, please consider one of the following giving levels:

Admiral ($15,000 and above)

Captain ($5,000 and above)

Skipper ($2,500 and above)

Tactician ($1,000 and above)

Crew ($500 and above)

Your tax-deductible gift provides not only financial support, but also inspiration to continue our work in providing the Bay Area’s best program where youth sailors may thrive. The best days for PYSF are ahead and the program we have today is the result of many generous individuals and families. We take great pride in serving the youth sailors and thank you for your dedication, commitment and support.


Molly Vandemoer, PYSF Director and Head Coach and the PYSF Board of Directors


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