Thank You 2016 Donors!

It is the generous contributions of all donors that continue to make PYSF possible - the executive and its members along with past and future sailors thank you!

Sequoia ($12,000 and above)

Bridget and Cully Davis

Captain ($5,000 and above)

Peter Lim and Sheryl Sheh

Skipper ($2,500 and above)

Ted Hannig and the Danford Foundation in honor of Larry Mayne

Lee Family

Versavel Family

Jianliang Zhao

Tactician ($1,000 and above)

Shannon Amerman and Tod Klingler

Carmen Berg and Family

Christopher Brown

Yunteng Huang

Huskins Family

Kowalski Family

Wendy Warren

Crew ($500 and above)

Bonham Family

Dave Eliott

Don Gurskis

Moro Family

Dan and Kate Humphreys

Kasper Family

Tod Klingler

Wilkinson Family

Yu Family

Friend (up to $499)


Tim Anto

Ashworth Family

Susan Axelrod and George Ugras

R Anthony Bladon

Brown Family

Winston and Carole Bumpus

Fernanda Castelo

Patty Corcoran

Lorie Corlett

Lawrence and Patricia Cowles

Davis Family

John Draeger

Dave Eliott

Leslie and Jim Fish

Malcolm and Kim Fliege

Flint Family

Feng Family

Mike Giari

Glasson Family

Dan Gold

Michael Grinkrug

Don and Arlene Gurskis

Hannig Law

Kathleen Harris

Mike and Marion Helar

Donald and Judy Inouye

David Jackson

Glasson Family

Alex Kent

Chloe Lepert

Lin Family

Cary and Graziella Lowe

Dennis and Grace Lowe

Corey Lythgoe

Fadi Maamari

Makovich Family

Molinda Martin

Larry and Robin Mayne

Ian McClelland

Peter McCormick

Patrice McElliogtt

Todd Mehserle

Phillip Meredith

Murohy Family

Tim and Carole Petersen

Jeff Phillips

Stan Phillips

Politi Family

David Share


Deidre Sparks

Sylvia Spruytte

Bill and Ann Stark

Matt Svrcek

Wall Family

Ke Wei

Werner Family

Joanne Wright

Lilley Yee

Thank you to the following for their ongoing support and donations:

Peter Lim and Sheryl Sheh

Larry Mayne

Miller Family

Sequoia Yacht Club

Stanford University Sailing

Shea Labagh Dobberstein, CPA

John Vandermoer

West Coast Sailing

Wilkinson Family

Wright Family

Dan Ziman