Thank You 2014 Donors!

Sequoia ($12,000 and above)

Bridget and Cully Davis

Captain ($5,000 and above)

Peter Lim and Sheryl Sheh

The Danford Foundation

Oracle Foundation

Port of Redwood City

Skipper ($2,500 and above)

Ashworth Family

Carlton and Sharon Baab

Peter and Deborah Blackmore

Julia and Garry Hallee

Larkin-Deady Family

John Rivlin and Susan Eschweiler

Sims Metal Management

Lim Family

Peter and Paula Uccelli Foundation

Werner Family

Tactician ($1,000 and above)

Barratt Family

Mike Day

DES Architects + Engineers

Laurie and Luke Kowalski

Peter McCormick

Frederico and Susanna Politi


Crew ($500 and above)

Shannon Amerman

Winston and Carole Bumpus

Rohit de Souza Family

Do-Velasquez Family

Andrew Huang Family

Kate and Dan Humphreys

Kirk Miller

Wendy and Doug Roth

Sylvia Spruytte

Wiley Yu

Patrick Wilkinson

Friend (up to $499)

Timothy Anto

An-Chi and WIlliam Blosen

Dolly Colby

Wenjing Chu

Patricia Corcoran

John Draeger

Ted Eberle

David Elliott

Joe and Angela Farned

Dave Freen

Helen FLynn

Mike Giari

Petra and Richard Gilmore

Frank and Denise Hannig

Penelope and Alex Huang

Robert Hughes

Donald Inouye

David Jackson

Jerry Jones

Doug Karlson

Alex Kent

Lepert Family

Ron and Ann Malouf

Ann McDonough

McNelly Family

Phillip Meredith

Paul Morgan-Witts

Peter Nardini

Mark Nardini

Jeff Pathman

Dan Peake

Tim Petersen

Stan Philips

Margreta Purcell

Lisa Reidle

Greg Retkowski

Rist Family

Rogers Family

Olivia Sadlowski

David Sharp

Deidre Sparks

Patrick Szeto

Marilyn Territo

Liley Yee

John Zolck

Anderlini & McSweeney LLP

Benevity Community Impact Fund

F&M Properties

Kastrop Group


Thank you to the following for their ongoing support and donations:

Port of Redwood City

Lyngso Garden Materials

Larry Mayne

Sequoia Yacht Club

DES Architects + Engineer