Welcome to DRAMA!

Announcement 11/29/2020

Welcome Back to Drama Week 5. This week is exciting because we will begin using the WeVideo platform to create and edit videos. This website enables all students to do video editing on their Chromebooks and to share their projects easily with me. The students in Drama during quarter 1 made a lot of awesome creations using WeVideo so I am definitely looking forward to introducing this to the quarter 2 students. This week we will also be focusing on video/photography techniques that can be used when collecting footage for their projects.

Progress Reports for quarter 2 will be calculated based on the work turned in by Friday, December 4th and will include all the work from weeks 1-4. There is no late penalty for work and any missing work can still be submitted for full credit. I will be meeting via Zoom this week with any students who are missing Studio Projects so that they have an opportunity to complete these tasks before grades are calculated. For the most up-to-date information about scores and work completion, please refer to the scores in Google Classroom (visible on student accounts).

This week also marks the return to the classroom for some students. Out of concern for my mental health and safety of my family, I will not be returning to the classroom at this time. Mrs. Deuel will be in the classroom with students who are on campus during the week of Nov 30-Dec 4th. I have chosen the flipped classroom instruction method, meaning that all lessons have been pre-recorded and will be accessible to all students. I will continue to oversee the daily class assignments and will hold Zoom meetings for students both at home and in the classroom. Students should see the daily announcement in Google Classroom for specifics of the schedule each day.

The list below is a general overview of our activities for the week. Students will find the specific agenda and assignment instructions posted in Google Classroom each morning.

Focus for the week of 11/30-12/4: Video Skills

  • Monday: Camera Operation

    • Getting Set up on WeVideo, tech support, and other assignment help

    • Independent work: 5-1 Camera Practice - Practice taking photos and videos using a variety of camera techniques

  • Tuesday: Lighting

    • Lessons and practice with video editing on WeVideo

    • Independent work: 5-2 Lighting Practice - Using lighting to help tell a story in video and images

  • Wednesday: Creating and Fair Use

    • Lessons and practice on fair use and copyright in video projects

    • Independent work: 5-3 Camera Reactions - Google Form with reactions to Sesame Street, GoPro Crab, and OK Go

  • Thursday: Terrible Studio Projects

    • Studio Day. After our initial group meeting, students will have 60 minutes to work on creating a terrible 30 second video to teach us about a word. I will be available via Zoom for questions, feedback, or conversation while students are working.

  • Friday: Terrible Video Showcase

    • Review appropriate dramatic critique

    • Terrible Video project showcase

    • Independent work: 5-5 Weekly reflection survey- Google Form that will be completed each week

Please feel free to email me any time if you have questions at bknecht@pvsdcamarillo.org.

Interesting Video of the Week:

Nobody is Normal by Childline

What camera angles do they use to help tell the story?