Thank you for taking the time to consider GMT Design for your design needs. We are a Non profit educational organization that is dedicated to giving students an opportunity to learn and work on real world assignments. Projects like yours give our students an opportunity to develop portfolio and work experience in their fields of study while in High School. Although we are an educational institute and education is our main objective, we hold your project to the same standards of a professional organization. We are constantly learning and improving our process, as well as extending our services into different markets. Please view our past client projects and schedule a consultation for your project. All profit from project will go to student scholarship and advancement in their studies.

Our Process

Initial Contact

Contact our Lead designer, Jared Williams, by email, contact form, or phone with the details of your projects. He will respond to you with details about the cost, schedule, requirements of the project. Once an agreement has been met with the Lead designer conceptual development of the project will begin but development of the product will follow the client meeting with the design team.

Client briefing / Meeting

Clients will meet with the GMT design team to discuss the particulars of the project. During this meeting, the design team will have the opportunity to discuss the needs of the clients and determine what services will be needed. Please arrive promptly and will all related material to give the design team a strong foundation to build your project upon. The meeting tend to last 30 min depending on the extent of the project. If a meeting is not feasible make sure to contact the Lead designer with all details of the project in order for him to dissimulated that information to his team.


The design team begin concetualizing your product upon the intial approval of the project. Idea will be presented during the client meeting for the direction of the project. Depending on the set schedule, mockups will be presented to the client for final approval on direction. Then the design team will develop the product.


Upon approval of final design, the design team will begin producing the product. At this pint in the development, the design team is concerned with quality and quantity thus alteration or additions to the project should be handled during the design phase. Once the design and scope has been set it will be challenging to change in the middle of production but not impossible. If this is the case early notification is best and will limit the change to schedule and resulting cost of changes mid production.


All products developed will be delivered based on the terms set in the inital meeting. Most product will be upon the client to come pick up from the facilities unless other arrangements have been made. Upon completion of the project we ask that you visit our contact page and leave us a review.

Payment / Donation

Since we are a non profit organization we charge you for the cost of material and rely on your donations to help fund of scholarship program. All payments will be accepted in the form of a check or cash. Checks will be made payable to Pennsville School District noted for TSA club.

Client Portfolio

Halter's Farm Market

PMHS Gym Floor Logo

Pennsville Soccer Association


Taste of South Jersey

Family Promise

Seabrook Mosaics

Pennsville Performing Arts Boosters

Pennsville Performing Arts Boosters

Central Park Posters

Central Park Posters

Central Park Posters

Central Park Posters

Front of Renaissance Card

Back of Renaissance Card


PSD Logo and Apparel Concept Design

Pennsville Animal Shelter Brochure and Business Card

Day in the Sun T-Shirt Design

2018 Design

2017 Design

2016 Design

Recruiter Video Revision_3.mp4

SCVTS Promotional Video

We had the honor of developing a promotional video for the Salem County Vocational Technical School. We filmed and edited this video over a year process. The final development of this video was done by Jarred Cornette, a graduate of the GMT program.