Interactive Design

Game Design

Playing a video game is one thing but creating one is another story. Being able to create a game or interactive project is a challenging but extremely rewarding skill. Students in the first year will be able to experience the basics of game design and by year two begin coding their own games in Adobe Flash. By years three and four student will be able to create a full length game and add it to their every growing portfolio. Students will have fun learning how to make the things they love to play.

Web Design

In todays world website are a must for businesses and a pivotal part of everyday life. Being able to conceptualize, program, and design these site is a highly sought after skill. Students will be introduce in years three to simple web creator like and by year four be introduce to more advanced tools like Adobe Muse and dreamweaver.

3D Modeling/Design

From game graphics to CGI in films, 3D modeling has become a highly marketable skill. Being able to turn a 2-D concept into a 3-D model is a very time consuming process but when complete it has multiple applications. Students in their second year will beginning with 3D modeling and create toys for children using TinkerCad. By year three and four students will have to opportunity to use Blender, Meshmixer, or Mudbox to create 3D animations or games.