Graphic Design


Corporate identities are very time consuming projects. Time has to be take to determine what image would best fit a company and projected clients. We spend countless hours conceptualizing not only the logo, but how it is to be implemented in the business. Will it be on business cards, billboards, walls, clothing, etc.? The possibilities are endless. This is introduced in the year two of the program but doesn't fully develop until year three where these are done regularly. By year four each student will have to create their own identity and promotional material.

Package Design

Package design test each students ability to see beyond the computer layout to the three dimensional package. Packaging is a vital part of product design and can be the determinate wether a product sells of doesn't. Student not only have to design these packages but they will have to hand craft them as well. In year three students will create packaging for a product and for a book series. By year four they will create another package for a client as well as a self promotional package.

Poster and Magazine Design

Poster Design has been a fundamental part of communications since the dawn of the print medium. From Propaganda poster to store advertisements they have been a viable vehicle for advertisements. Magazines as well, have been used as a vehicle of advertisement as well as information. During our first and final years we will create magazine covers and spreads about ourselves. We will design poster each year of the program for various purposes.