Poudre Agriculture Department 

The Poudre Agriculture Department is dedicated to helping its members develop their career skills and gain personal growth through classroom education,  FFA events, and work based learning.  


The Poudre FFA is dedicated to helping student develop career skills through conferences, contests and travel. The FFA is far more than just animals and plants, it is a great way to travel and prepare for any career. 


All students will have a SAE where they work to plan for their future career and life. Higher level members have SAEs where they work or own a business in Agricultural. 


In the classroom students learn through hands on education. This learning is focused on both skills specific to agriculture and skills that are needed in all career fields. 

Block Schedule and FFA Membership 

Due to the block schedule if you take a full semester of Ag classes you are eligible for FFA for the whole year. For example if you are enrolled in Greenhouse/Floriculture 2nd semester you can participate in the FFA all year. Continue to watch Facebook, Instagram and the website for more information.