Principal's Corner

Dear Parents, Grandparents and Caring adults,

As we reach this point in the school year, just as we use this time to reflect in our personal lives, it’s a great opportunity to do the same at school. Teachers, parents and students start the school year very ambitious and hopeful about the progress the year will bring. In order to meet the high expectations we have set for ourselves, its imperative that we reflect on our actions up to this point in the year.

At PS 354 we believe that children learn best and teachers teach best when in an environment that encourages big thinking and real world learning.

Our school-wide focus is on student centered learning that emphasizes on-going discussions and reflection of learning through thoughtful questions and increased opportunities for exploration and application of what is learned. To ensure that our students meet grade appropriate standards, on-going assessments are used to measure learning progress and to meet individual student needs.

We are committed to sharing progress with families on an ongoing basis to support them in engaging their children at home.

The school leadership team meets every month to ensure that our instructional focus and our school goals are aligned. During our November meeting, we refined and finalized the goals in our school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) to be sure that we are following the Framework for Great Schools as outlined by the Department of Education.

The goals for our 2016-2017 school year are:

  • · All students in grades K-5 including our English language learners and students with disabilities will move one level on English and Math performance tasks.
  • · Student behavior incidents will decrease by at least 10%
  • · All students will engage in project based learning
  • · Teacher ratings for engaging all students will improve by at least one level.
  • · Increased parent participation at all school events.

Our instructional focus and our goals were set to ensure that our school is a supportive environment with rigorous instruction in every class every day; and through support and guidance from effective leaders, our teachers and staff will work collaboratively to build strong family and community ties.

We are proud to have opened our Bedell Buckaroo and have the excitement of students earning Bedell Bucks for making positive choices and promoting upstanding behavior on a daily basis. Our students receive small group support in class when needed based on what they are showing their teachers they can do independently and with support. All students have completed at least one project based learning unit with opportunities to engage in the arts and technology. Every teacher in our school has been observed at least 2 times by administrators with very detailed action plans for improvement. Parent turn out family nights and PTA meetings are increasing each month. But there is still so much more to be done!

Please keep in mind -

Our school day is 8:00am – 2:20pm every day Monday through Friday. Every minute counts so please be sure that students arrive on time and they are picked up promptly to ensure that students can transition to their after-school schedules and staff members can handle professional and personal obligations that may be scheduled for when the school day ends.

As always, please know that you are always welcome in our school as I completely understand the power of having parents, grandparents and caring adults actively participate in the learning.

I want to welcome all of our new families and students who have continued to enroll in our school through the month of December. It has been my great pleasure to meet many of you and learn about your children.

Thank you for your continued participation and support of student learning and achievement this year.


Raevan Askew :)