Bill's Photography

You arrived at this page because I recently shut down my Bill's Photography website. Photoshelter which hosted the site provides an excellent service for photographers to showcase their work and deliver photos to their clients, but as I am no longer doing any commercial photography, the service is not needed.

Bill MacKay on Flickr

I use Flickr for most of my online photo sharing. Click here to see my Flickr account.

William MacKay on 500px

I have used 500px to share select favourite photos. I have not used it lately but maybe I should do that again when I find more time to focus on photography. Click here to see my 500px photographs here.

Bill's Flying on YouTube

I use YouTube primarily to share videos I take while flying and other aviation related videos. Click here to see my YouTube channel.

100 Strangers Project

The Flickr 100 Strangers project is one of the most interesting and enjoyable photography projects that I have undertaken. The purpose of the project is to help one improve ones portrait photography, but it is much more. Participants are required to take portraits of 100 people they do not know, and with their permission post their picture and a write up to the 100 Strangers Flickr Group. As one gets into the project it becomes as much of a people project as a photography project. You meet a lot of interesting people while pursuing this project. You can see my 100 strangers here. You can find out more about Carla and where I took her picture by reading the write up on Flickr.

I started a photography blog a few years ago and need to get back to writing more someday you can access My Photography Blog here.