My interest in aviation began when my career with Imperial Oil appointed me to the position of Aviation Account Executive. I was responsible for Imperial's aviation refuelling operations in Southern Ontario and while in that position, I obtained my Private Pilots License in 1978. My career took a different direction and that, combined with family responsibilities created a significant gap in my flying until I began flying again in 2015. Since then I have been involved with many aspects of aviation.

Aviation Refuelling

My introduction to aviation involved aircraft refueling with Imperial Oil. Although this picture shows a plane being refueled with Esso Aviation gasoline, I was actually the customer and purchased $460 fuel for a plane we chartered for an emergency response-related project in British Columbia. The plane, a Grumman Widgeon flew us around Vancouver Island on a picture-perfect day landing in Port Hardy BC for lunch where we refueled.

Rebuilding & Flying

This 1967 Jodel D 11 had been sitting in a barn for thirteen years and sadly neglected when I learned about it. Our local Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 115 purchased it. A group of our members contributed the funds and manpower to rebuild it and we formed the C-FVOF Flying Club to own and operate it. Here is a link to the rebuild pictures and a video of one of our flights where I was on board.

Our current rebuild project is a Zenair 601 which we hope to have in the air this summer, pandemic permitting.

EAA Chapter 115

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) provides excellent opportunities for one to pursue their aviation interests. I attend weekly breakfast meetings sponsored by EAA Chapter 115 and numerous other activities sponsored by our local chapter like this Open House that was held in 2019. AirVenture in Oshkosh Wisconsin is the biggest aviation event in the world. Here are some AirVenture pictures from 2019.