School Mission:

One team, One goal, Student success.

Wheeler Counseling Vision:

Graduates of Wheeler High School are successful and resilient community members who collaborate and contribute as innovative, productive, excellence-striving, and culturally aware leaders.  Wheeler High School students will become the best version of themselves as responsible citizens who uphold equitable and fair practices to create positive change in our diverse community.  

Wheeler Counseling Mission:

The Wheeler High School Counseling Department prepares and inspires students to be successful, socially and emotionally aware members of our community through equitable access to our comprehensive school counseling programming. Our data-driven small group lessons and classroom curriculum lessons support our students, regardless of background, academic achievement, or individual circumstance, to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for academic success, career development, and social and emotional progression for life-long results. The school counseling department seeks to enhance students and community belonging centering equity, collaboration, advocacy, and accessibility for all students, by continuously collaborating as one team of educators and stakeholders with a shared goal of student success.  

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