The Benson counseling community stands in unity with our students in the fight against racism.

Education is power, Empathy connects us, and solidarity will move us forward.

Welcome to BHS Counseling Page

The counseling department can help with:

  • forecasting and scheduling classes

  • personal, social and emotional counseling

  • conflict resolution, grief and loss, problem solving

  • academic guidance and high school planning

  • classroom lessons school wide

  • college and post high school career planning

  • short term individual counseling

  • referrals for outside counseling and mental health support

  • 504 coordinators

  • college applications

  • credit recovery, night school, and summer school registration

  • referrals to additional programs at BHS (MESD therapist, Wellness Center, social worker)

  • and a whole lot more........

February Forecasting is coming soon!

All students will have forecasting information in their Canvas accounts in their counseling advisory. Counselors will be visiting classes to talk more about forecasting, AP classes, and more! Students will have an opportunity to share with families the classes they want to take for next year. More to come soon!


Other potentially helpful information:

  1. Student Login - Please use this link to access the PPS Student Portal.

  2. Canvas - Please use the link above to log into Canvas - this is where you will find all your classes and all the relevant information for each of your classes.

***Students should be checking their PPS emails for notifications.

Student usernames follow the pattern of first initial, last name, last four digits of their student ID, "" For example Jay Raddison who's ID number is 123456 would have a username of