R22 Tuned Exhaust Kit for R22, R22 Alpha, R22 Mariner and R22 Beta with O-320 eng. 

Applicability: R22, R22 HP, R22 Mariner, R22 Alpha, R22 Beta. Must have Lycoming O-320-B2C engine and large oil cooler ( p/n: C649-1 or p/n: A649-2). FAA approved by STC. 

How can just changing the exhaust give you a tremendous boost in power and efficiency? The answer is simple.

Installing a Power Flow tuned exhaust provides the same performance benefits as upgrading to a Beta II, at a fraction of the cost. It is true bolt-on horsepower for your O-320 powered Robinson R22 Alpha or Beta.

You simply remove your old, restrictive factory exhaust system and bolt-on a Power Flow for instant results you can see, feel, and hear. You then operate your helicopter to the Beta II engine performance limitations. The same technology that has been used in race cars, motorcycles, and over 4,300 certified aircraft currently equipped with Power Flow’s Tuned Exhaust System is now available for your O-320 powered R22 helicopter.

Would you like to cruise up to 8 knots faster at the same manifold pressure? Or how about 200 – 300 foot per minute increase in climb? You can even lower fuel burn by up to 15% at your current airspeed. Unlike the factory exhaust, the Power Flow exhaust system does not require mandatory replacement at 2200 hours. For complete list of benefits, see the benefits tab above. 

Our Tuned Exhaust System is designed to use the exhaust gases from each cylinder to help empty the other cylinders, rather than having those exhaust pulses interfere with each other. The factory exhaust system is a very simple design with two exhaust headers entering a central muffler chamber from each side with no separation of the exhaust pulses. The pulses enter the chamber with no particular path to follow. Some leave through the tailpipe, some stay in the muffler (creating back pressure) and some even go back up the other header pipes causing further back pressure.

Our system specifically times each exhaust pulse to create a low pressure (suction) at the cylinder’s exhaust valve when the valve is ready to open. This empties the cylinder more completely allowing for more power to be generated. The exhaust gases then exit the tailpipe without interference from the other cylinders.

As with all of our systems, Power Flow’s “Beta II in a box” comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 1 Year / 500 Flight Hour Warranty.

This system is delivered to you as a complete replacement of your factory exhaust system from the cylinders on down to the muffler (which is located in our tailpipe). It includes everything needed for installation, including a replacement Manifold Pressure Gage with Beta II limitations marked on it. The exhaust system features all new carburetor heat and cabin heating that uses your existing connections and all necessary exhaust hardware. 

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Estimated installation time is 2-3 hours. 

For lead times and discounts see table below

Please Note: An additional “Core Charge” of $500.00 is added to each invoice to cover the cost of a replacement manifold pressure gauge, marked to Beta II operating limits, included with each new Power Flow System. That $500.00 is refunded to you upon the return of your R22’s original MAP Gauge to us.

A couple of other important pieces of information:

#1.) We strongly recommend that the R22’s cooling fan be dynamically balanced to below .015 IPS in conjunction with the installation of the new Tuned Exhaust System.  If the cooling fan is dynamically balanced within 25 flight hours of the installation of the Power Flow System and you furnish PFS with copies of the logbook entries confirming this, PFS will extend the warranty on the Tuned Exhaust System from 12 months to 24 months or 500 Flight Hours (whichever occurs first).

Doing so every 2 - 4 years thereafter will dramatically improve the useful life and the reliability of every component that is bolted to the engine, including the Power Flow System.

#2) The Power Flow System has no service life limit.  It is designed and built to last several thousand flight hours and will quite likely be the last exhaust system you need to buy for your R22.  As with any high performance system however, it must be maintained properly.  Every 500 flight hours or annually (whichever comes first) the four slip joints on the system must be cleaned and lubricated with high temperature anti-seize compound. 

Most customers have this maintenance performed during the aircraft’s annual inspection which adds about 2 hours of labor to the inspection.  We have had several of our Tuned Exhaust Systems rack up over 4,000 flight hours of trouble free performance (7,000+ flight hours is the current record in a commercial operation) as long as this maintenance is performed as required. 

Don't just take our word for it - listen to what just some of our happy Power Flow customers have to say about the Power Flow tuned exhaust system on their aircraft: