Piper PA 12

Note : Power Flow Systems has purchased the assets of Leading Edge Exhaust Systems (LEES)

Bolt-On Horsepower. Complete replacement of your exhaust system. FAA approved by STC and for all PA-12 150/160/180

Our new PA-12 exhaust system is very similar to our Super Cub exhaust that has undergone extensive dyno testing at LY-CON Engine Rebuilding located in Visalia, California. Hundreds of PA-18 exhaust systems have been sold worldwide. The Lycoming 150 Hp A2B gained 16 Hp or a total of 168 Hp, the 160 Hp B2B produced 173 Hp, 13 more Hp while the power house O360A1A pulled 202 hp, 22 more Hp than the stock OEM exhaust system. Brake specific fuel consumption, BSFC, came down while Hp and torque went up. The LY-CON dyno testing also debunks the myth that removing muffler baffles increases horsepower and torque, at least in LEES´s case it´s different. Removing LEES patented muffler baffles caused a loss of five horsepower and ten pound feet of torque.

The PA-12 is fast becoming an outstanding Alaska Bush Plane. The PA-12 has a cavernous cabin, relatively speaking, good performance and affordable pricing. These are a few of its attractions. Now outstanding performance will make it another highly sought after Piper product with a new energetic life.

The exhaust system is the same layout as the ever popular Super Cub exhaust. The only revision to the pipes is the long mount risers that have been extended aft to accommodate the longer engine mount. The PA-12 Short mount models are identical to the PA-18 Super Cub.

LEES recently developed a new PA-12 exterior muffler design while still utilizing their patented heavy duty muffler baffles. The new PA-18 RMW, Revised Muffler Weldment, requires only one outer ring, (OR) shroud support. All of the other air deflectors have been removed. They were attached at their ends using on “parallel” to the grain weld. The new OR is attached to the can using “transverse” to the grain fillet welds. The new OR lets air merge from the R/H side and L/H side into the main cabin heat outlet. If rear seat heat is installed you simply remove the cap from the typical lower R/H scat fitting and attach the rear seat heat scat hose, very simple….very efficient. The carburetor heat source is produced from a brand new part, the Carburetor Heat Flange (CAHF), and is no longer derived from the muffler. The new CAHF attaches to the right hand aft riser.

Using LEES´s very unique U.S. Patented designs EGT´s and CHT´s are much lower and also better balanced. The cylinder back pressure is much lower and all four cylinders equally balanced to within .05PSI; a vast improvement over stock. At Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC our “Equal Length” exhaust systems are designed with performance and ease of maintenance as a top priority as well as an outstanding warranty. Our PA-18 STC eliminates the AD which required inspections of the muffler every 100 hours for the first 1000 hours and every 50 hours thereafter.

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