How enABLe Works

The enABLe approach is based around three component elements. These are:

The Design Needs Analysis Meeting

Two to three weeks prior to your enABLe workshop, the course team will be invited to attend a Design Needs Analysis (DNA) meeting with an enABLe workshop facilitator. This initial meeting will enable the participant team to discuss:

  • Length and format of the workshop

  • Specific focus around workshop activity

  • Requirements around pre-workshop activity

  • Expected outcomes and deliverables from the workshop

The enABLe workshop has been designed to accommodate a flexible approach to learning design around a number of specific scenarios:

Scenario 1: A programme requiring significant attention around learning and teaching and the student experience as flagged in the EQUIP process

Scenario 2: A programme requiring a refresh around learning and teaching, particularly focusing on a specific area (e.g. assessment)

Scenario 3: New programme development

The enABLe Workshop

Guided by the DNA meeting and discussions with the participant team, the enABLe workshop, designed to run in a variety of formats to accommodate maximum participant engagement, will guide participants through a series of activities to facilitate a team-approach to learning design. While the structure of the workshop can vary, a typical workshop structure covers the following:

Activity 1: Introductions and Creating a Shared Vision

  • Introductions and card activity to identify key course or module features

Activity 2: Module Strapline and Tweet

  • Creating a mission and tweet mapped to Portsmouth Hallmarks

Activity 3: Learning Outcome and Assessment Review

  • Review of learning outcomes and assessment based on initial DNA meeting and aligned to Activities 1 and 2

Activity 4: Activity Creation and Storyboarding

  • Using the Context Creator, templates and storyboard to facilitate design, integrating learning type elements and identified design principles

Activity 5: Review and Action Plan

  • Focus on action-planning to maintain momentum around learning design

The Review Meeting

Two to three weeks after your workshop, you will be invited to a follow-up review meeting to discuss outcomes of the workshop and subsequent progress. This meeting gives the participant team the opportunity to discuss:

  • Progress on action planning and deliverables

  • Specific challenges or barriers to learning design

  • Subsequent CPD / training needs – reflecting team v individual requirements

  • Subsequent monitoring and review