Experience enABLe

Monday 9th May 9.30am to 4.30pm

Building on the success of our ‘Introduction to enABLe’ event in January, the enABLe Project Team cordially invites you to attend the first in a series of new ‘Experience EnABLe’ workshops kicking off on 9 May 2022. The event will provide course teams with an opportunity to engage with the enABLe process to review selected modules - for real. This full-day event starts at 9:30am with breakfast refreshments available to fuel you for a fun-packed and engaging day!

Experience enABLe is a large-scale collaborative workshop, with multiple teams from across the University actively engaging with our expertly trained facilitators, headed up by Professor Ale Armellini, Dean of Digital and Distributed Learning, to review specific modules that have been deemed high priority. Teams will be introduced to the enABLe toolkit and guided through a full enABLe workshop. Through meaningful discussion and directed activities, the team will identify their shared values and utilise the enABLe toolkit resources to draft a storyboard, identify and plan enhancements.

This workshop is an efficient way to spend time as a Course Team to focus on finalising curriculum enhancements; it will result in concrete changes and plans for modules that can easily feed into the Module Amendment Process. Often, these conversations can be paper and process led - devoting this time as a team to plan and discuss how and what you teach will save time and effort later in the year.

How to Book

Places are limited. We can accommodate 10 teams at this workshop. Each team can book a table with space for eight participants. Team members should be from the same course, and each course team must have one or more modules as the focus of their workshop activity.

Each team should identify and nominate a team leader who is responsible for booking attendance at the Experience enABLe event. At the point of booking, the team leader will be asked to identify the other team members attending. We cannot take bookings for individuals at this event.

Please note that this is a full-day event. To fully appreciate the benefits of the enABLe process we ask that all attending team members are available for the entirety of the event.

Please book your place by Wednesday 13th April. If all places have been taken, your details will be added to a waiting list and you will be invited to a future session.

Once registered, the team leader will be contacted and asked to attend a pre-event Design Needs Analysis meeting so particular requirements can be identified and used to guide facilitation support at the event.

If you have any questions about the event please contact Sarah Eaton sarah.eaton@port.ac.uk

Please book a place for your team via Eventbrite where you will be required to list those course members attending.